Back to School Fashion Trends from JCPenney.

It’s almost that time again! Back to school shopping is right around the corner. Aubrey Aquino chatted with fashion expert, Keri Parker about how JCPenney could be your one stop shop! The following is a paid segment sponsored by JCPenney.
hello and welcome to second coat it is Monday happy Monday I'm your host Aubrey aquino and let's get right to it after a summer of fun in the Sun we all want an A+ look as we head into back-to-school season getting back to the routine isn't just for the little ones it's also a good time for the entire family to prep for the new school year ahead fashion expert Carrie Parker is here and she's gonna share her favorite back-to-school looks for all ages from JCPenney welcome Carrie hi thanks for having well you know we were saying back-to-school isn't just for the kids you know the whole family can get into it right yep and this is really why I love JCPenney so much is because it's a one-stop shop right you can get these great looks for back-to-school I don't know about you but I remember back-to-school being my favorite thing to get lighting my one outfit here ready to go back to school so I want to go through some of these looks that you guys from JCPenney and I want to start with the fact that back-to-school isn't just for kids it's also for moms and for the entire family right so we have a mom here we have a really cute mom here who is modeling a what I think is a really nice blend of casual and sophisticated so we have this awesome blazer that's menswear inspired from Worthington which is the JCPenney brand it's a classic fit it has a little bit of a pink detailing in it which makes it extra feminine and we paired that with a worthington tank top a pair of a and a skinny jeans which are super flat I mean that look with the Jean because that makes it a little bit casual but it's still dressy exactly so and though those jeans have a little bit of stretch to them so yeah I know exactly and then we have the Liz Claiborne pumps they have a pointed toe and a black and a block heel and if you wanted to make it even dressier you could go with more of a classic pump as well and then we have a list Claiborne bag in white that has a little zipper closure and a fun little tassel and so all in all this is a great look for very much anything hold together really nicely now her daughter we have a look on our TS we can have our teen model come up okay so this is a really fun twist on a classic preppy look the whole outfit we centered around the Arizona plaid miniskirt it has this really trendy cute button detailing and this type of skirt you can dress up or down so I decided to pair it a little bit more casual which makes a sense for a teenager exactly we have the Vans lace-up skate shoe which I love those are super popular everything so popular we also have the Arizona baby tee which is cute for every single back-to-school wardrobe very nice and then finally we have this bold elements Madison crossbody and bone which goes with everything and it has adjustable straps it has a little pocket for your cell phone obviously the other cell phone pocket at all time all right well let's not leave out our smallest shadow miles and you know I'm paying attention because I have boys six and seven years old miles here is seven yep my boys only have like one standard outfit so give me some ideas on what else I can yes I have a seven year old – he loves this look because this is so cute for a game day it has this little Arizona hooded top which is a pullover color-block detailing which is super popular paired with the Arizona knit joggers I love these I love this little zipper detail then you can mock it they you is that but you can address those up or down and then we have this little sneakers and he are the Nike lace-up shoes which I love again can be dressed up or dressed down and then we have the fuel Dynamo bacala backpack you want to turn around miles and show the back you know that backpack to complete the look where can our viewers find all of these incredible looks you can go to JCPenney or you can look on JCPenney comm for all of these looks and more for everybody in your entire family well these are definitely definitely a great start yeah for three different looks three groups here thank you so much Kerry this is really fun yeah thanks for having us then go check out JCPenney that was good all right this interview involves commercial content the products and services featured appear as paid advertising

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