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Back to school season is coming fast, and we’ve got all the fun, food, and fashion for you to keep ahead of the trends – with your favorite Nick talent and characters as inspiration! Plus, get the scoop on some I am Frankie SPOILERS and learn how to make your friends laugh with our Win Your Week Joke Generator!! And of course don’t forget to take some time for yourself in honor of National Relaxation Day with our oddly satisfying painting video! Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants and your favorite shows on Nick!

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Fresh from your feed,
here's the hottest info you need to know to Win Your Week! [music playing] It's almost time for back to school, and Alyssa and Xavier
from Nickelodeon's Summer Snackdown are here with another tasty poll
to get you in the spirit! What would you guys rather see
in your lunchbox? Fruit Snacks or a Pudding Cup? – It's definitely Fruit Snacks for me!
– Na, it's the Pudding Cup. – Really?
– Yeah, the vanilla, the chocolate, the swirl, rock your world. Vanilla and chocolate swirl,
rock your world. I dunno, come back next week
to see which back to school snack is lunchbox worthy. Did you watch
the I Am Frankie special last night? If you didn't, fast forward
to the next part of the video because there are spoilers ahead. – Who are you?
– I am Frankie. That is not possible,
I am Frankie. – She is lying.
– She is lying. OK, this is too weird! Here were the most shocking
OMG I can't even moments of the night. [fighting] – Take that!
– Oh! – Who are you, really?
– I am Eliza. Looks like Frankie's time is up,
say your goodbyes. What is happening to me? Abort!
Abort! That was epic, don't worry,
no more spoilers ahead. Hey, it's Alex Wassabi,
here is the Comment Of The Week. This week's comment
comes from Shenglot C. "I love Nickelodeon
because their shows are funny!" And I agree! Er, couldn't agree more– whoa! Speaking of funny, here's a Six Second Joke
you can tell your friends, brought to you by Daniel V.
in the comments. Hey, Nickelodeon, here's a joke. I'm ready! Why did a man
throw butter out of his window? Er… I dunno. Because he wanted to see a butterfly! [laughing] That was a great joke, Daniel! Did you know
that National Tell A Joke Day is coming up this Thursday? Where you guys from?
The sewers? [crickets chirping] Just in case
you're not a natural comic genius… Do you guys wanna hear a bathroom joke? [choking] Here's our Win Your Week Joke Generator! Get ready to pause and screenshot
so you don't miss a thing! Step One to set up your perfect joke. Fill in the blanks
with the last thing you ate today, the closest pink object you can see, and the last place you went
besides school or home. Keep track of your answers,
you'll need this later. Have you ever noticed salt shakers? Step Two, create a hilarious punch line
by filling in the blanks. To get your answer,
first use your birth month for the verb. [music playing] Then the first letter of your first name
for the noun. [music playing] Wait for it, you're gonna love this. Step Three, put it all together. Why did the Krabby Patty
leave it's JoJo Bow at the Slime Factory? Because it farted
at the sandwich museum. – Get it?
– Get it? – Get it?
– Get it? Comment below
with your weirdest joke creations. Who doesn't love my one liners?
They fire up the team, right guys? Who's your back to school fashion icon? Freddy, I dig the look! Are you a fashionista like Dawn? I look so basic and there's nothing basic
about… BeyDawncé! Clean-cut like SpongeBob? Did you get my good side? [laughing] Do you keep it loose and relaxed
like Henry Hart? Hey, what's up, crime fighters and–
oh my God, I smell chicken wings! Or are you a master of playful prints
like his friend, Charlotte? – Ta-da!
– Ta-da! Or maybe your school has a dress code
but like the School Of Rock squad, you always make it your own. Summer? Tell us in the comments
who your fashion inspiration is. Speaking of fashion, we asked you last week which of SpongeBob's greatest looks
was your fav. Good evening, Sir. You said… I'm ready, I'm ready! You like to keep it classic
with his old look! I'm ready! Still feeling fashion challenged? – I have a question.
– I'd lose the hairnet. Don't worry, Lizzy, Riele and Daniella are here to help you
navigate your closet. – Ooh!
– Yes! – I like that!
– That is so cute! I like the green jacket
because I feel like, especially over the magenta top, – I feel like it really pops it.
– It's a really nice contrast. – I like this, yes!
– I love this! – With the jeans.
– I like the little grommets on it. And I love the little pop art,
like the little rainbow that's happening. That's like adorable,
like rainbows are so fun and happy. Yeah, I totally agree. Ooh, I love that,
I love the little hearts. This little collar,
it's just so adorable. Ri, I feel like contrasting
a print with a solid– I feel like it's so powerful, and I love this outfit,
I feel like it fits you perfectly. National Relaxation Day
is coming up on Wednesday. Feels good! And what better way to chill out than with this soothing
water color painting video? This is gonna be great! Available in six designer colors. [music playing] – Woo!
– Woo, yeah! Purple is my favorite color! I love it. Patrick, look! [music playing] I'm giving your outfit two thumbs up! [music playing] [laughing] How do I look? Nice shirt, SpongeBob. [laughing] Hey, SpongeBob, wanna go jelly fishing? ♪ Jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly
It's a jelly fishing song ♪ One last thing,
here's how you say fart in Korean. Bang-gwi. [farting] Or if you're feeling less formal… Bang-goo. [farting] Thanks for watching! Check back next Sunday
for a brand new Win Your Week! And don't forget
to comment below the video! Your comments could be featured
in our next episode! Be sure to check your notifications
this week to see if you get picked!

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  1. SUMMER SNACKDOWN POLL: Which would you rather see in your lunch: A PUDDING CUP 🥄 or FRUIT SNACKS 🍒? Cast your vote in the comments below and come back next week to see if your favorite won!

  2. I remember a kinder of a joke on nickelodeon from when i was 6 years old and the joke is,

    Me:Why did the chicken cross the road
    You:don't know
    Me:because it got stuck on a spaghetti rocket ofcourse

    I still remember that and I'm 12 now and also my Nickelodeon crush is Henry heart (jace norman) I'll see you on nick

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