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Hey guys, so its time for me to go back to school and that means I get to share my back to school hauls with you. I also get to share whats in my closet for fall 2019. Next to Christmas and Halloween these are my favorite videos to shoot. I love going shopping and being able to share it with you guys. This year most of my clothes came from the following stores, Abercrombie,Pacsun, Express, American Eagle,The buckle, Hollister,Vans and pink to name a few. I am still putting the final touches on some big things for you guys that should start happening pretty quick. (hopefully in the next few weeks) so Be sure and stay tuned. Thanks so much for watching and please remember to like share and follow me for new videos every week.. Love you guys!!!!

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you know I met you in the dark it was decided then I've never seen me dispensing a member of the crowd there was something about you cos you got stuck in my mind stuck in my mind stuck in my mind the next thing I knew in my asking us what we should do what should we do what should we do what is up guys welcome back to my channel and today I'm going to be doing a back-to-school clothing haul and I love these videos these are always my favorite and back-to-school time it's a sad time but also a fun time because you're gonna do backpack new supplies and new clothes to wear to school but I go back to school in like seven days I think it'll be less them this video goes on but I thought I would show you guys when I go why it what clothes I'm gonna be wearing in school this year I'm gonna be going into eighth grade but I went to American Eagle Hollister PacSun America either from me I performing in journeys for my shoes so I'm so except to show you guys when I go away and let's get on into it okay so here's outfit number one and I love this outfit so much I have this drop top from holster and in the back absolutely because it does that like purses and then these are mom jeans and they're also from Worcester and they even probably like my favorite mom jeans I've never gotten I'd like the best mom jeans ever and then I have on these black sandals that are from Abercrombie and honestly I really love this outfit but it is long sleeves I'll be able to wear it like as soon as I go back into school but more towards like the end of September or when it starts to get a little bit chilly okay so here is the next option and I love it I think it's still super put together looking but still very casual so for my shoes I have on some want slip-on vans which I just go on and I love them I'm just afraid they're gonna get dirty but we'll see how they hold up I guess in October you gotta watch them the same and then I have on these gene for mix breath and they're very cute the pump a little bit different we walk over to the sod then like American Eagle or foster and then I have on this morning suit from Hollister and it's really cute housing buttons on it and then I have this cowboy look mall it's like a lot pink I guess cardigan from American Eagle and just super soft and comfy and then you can also wear it without the cardigan and it would also be thank you and real quick I just have on the same outfit that I just had on but I threw on this Hollister windbreaker and I absolutely love the colors in it their pastels they're very me colors but this is my second windbreaker I've gone and I really love the other one I think it's great like a rainy day which we get a lot of during this school year because literally go to school every single day so we're gonna get some rain here in there so I'll have this one breaker for those rainy days and I really love it it's super cute and just throw it on and you're gonna do okay so next outfit is this mustard yellow at all but has bell sleeve and it just for you people but I got it at the buckle and then I have these Hollister jeans they're really cute they're really super stretchy I always have to compare of like this style because I love them so much I use them like all the time I wear them whenever I possibly can match paired up with my Birkin songs and I just think it's really cute comfy come jeans comfy tall comfy shoes very very cute okay so here's my next outfit I absolutely love this one I have on these came out pants from Hollister and I saw these on lon and often oh I have to get those they have lots of buttons on them and there's really cute in the pockets are like great cuz they're like blooming pocket and then the back panel it cinches up right here which is just really cute and then I have all of this Express pony's food which is a little while ago so I mean the stores anymore if you wanted to go get it but I just want the black lips to go with the pants and then I paired it again with these sandals and I honestly love this outfit so much and I cannot wait to wear this is alright so here is the next off now have this want top and it's the Polish shirt buttons on it and it have this thing like taja right here which makes it really cute and then I have these American Eagle jeans and I love them they're super stretchy dark wash and they have the ritz on the knee which is really great allows that here's my know one and done hard to find like jeans that are but then I prepared my pockets off you again miss Parkins ocean alright so here we have this top it says San Francisco on it and through the cute just it looks very like I'm sort of vintage II and also just coming aboard and then I have these moments in which I started out with the same thing just lie wash and then with my wife's upon them to bestow with a lot of outfit and super cute I'm not sure if this Poppins brandy melville except one size but just so I think it is but it may not be so if you look it up my champ fondant and that's wrong but I'm thinking it at PacSun and another bucket okay so I went ahead and just flipped on the screen sweater and from Hollister because I really liked it with just these jeans and these shoes because they literally go with everything but it's very very cute I also wanted like a salmon II like burnt orange top color so it's just really good for any time of year can be great for fall September and August because pretty cold in the school building but gonna stay warm in its really great alright so my next outfit is very very laid-back and casual and comfy but these jeans are from Abercrombie and they actually just came out with a new style and they are the Adam homies turnkey jeans and they're very cute and they like the black but kind of washed out black and then I have on this top from PacSun that says band and we're very cute please hash checkered on it the band right here in the back actually Porter says but of course I had a pair of my pants man but love this very comfy very casual outfit for when you want to dress down okay so I just switched up the top on this one and it is four packs on it's like a lot paint but it also has like a hint of like purple but it's very cute it's very deadly hearts like I said I got her two packs and I love how it goes hot low in the back it probably also just really cute some black leggings but I do have normal black jeans as you can tell but you're very comfy they pretty much feel like leggings but also left on my walk bands with it and I just think this outfit is really cute and goofy alright so this was probably one of my favorites I've got on this whole back to school haul but I had this Nike button up top which I got from Abercrombie I've been really into button-up shirts lately so I really love this one you can even untuck it and there's a lot too long but I do think I like it tucked in especially with these changes I'm updates from American Eagle and my mom told me she's like trollies on I think they'll be really cute but I didn't even want to try them on at first and now that I tried them on and got them I really really loved it I just think they're super super key they should have keeps you dawns on me and I love the top in the jeans Tamara fences aren't top contrast with a lot wash jeans and then I've been with not Birkenstocks or I could have actually put on also with a lot bands but I do love this out fast I think it's really cute and I can't wait okay so here is the next outfit and I love it so much this is the top totally reminds me of fall and let me tell you I'm so sore a year but I just love the colors in it it reminds me just like automate and I love it is from holster and then so are these jeans these are the same mangy Donald and you hate that these ones are a dark wash Marcus said Photoshop has the best long jeans they're so good be tough thing from jeans and then I paired it with my bicycle vans because I love the way with the mom jeans love this outfit it's gonna be so cozy and it's so cute I like all teachers okay so this is my next outfit and I really love that I have on this watch taught from Abercrombie and it like century right here it's not really a button-up but it straps inches right here and these sleeves look like this and I have all these jeans that I got from Express and we're just very very cute and then this time I just kind of throw my hair up with this little hair accessory and I've been seeing a lot of lobster bloggers like influencers have raised their hair lightly and I just thought it was a very cute trend and then I could only boxers and really love this outfit and super cute very put together as well and it's just trying too hard they also not like underdressed alright so here is the next outfit if this really comfy baby blue really soft all that I've got from Hollister it kinda has bill blue sleeves on it's very cute and then I paired it with these American Eagle skinny jeans that have worked in very cute contrast lot indoors and then I also put in some agua fans which I'm loving hearing with stuff right now I'm gonna be so much and they're gonna start getting dirty every day I'm going to want to but yeah basically it first fool like you guys not be wondering why honey dresses skirts and shorts my school I'm just they want our shorts to be super ball and it won't really into the whole block so it's tell me your top thing so I don't really wear a lot of shorts and or the end of the year you can maybe get away with a dress they don't really make so sometimes turns enemy you're all wear one's walking awards but yeah basis wear jeans and leggings pretty much every day until a lot May alright so again I just throw on the top with the same jeans I had on so basically do some American Eagle jeans lot bands and then I have this really cute button up top from Abercrombie I'm in love with all the things that I remember from me love love love their stuff but yeah it's just but no that has little straps on it very very cute just like I said I'm just like going through a button-up face right now but I'm obsessed with this whole outfit it's just a very cute okay so here it's not next outfit and I have really cute tall it is from American Eagle it's mustard yellow and I love it this is probably you love side dressy talk that I got for school this year but it's pretty cute it's just honestly pretty comfy fits and earning but not very casual and then I paired it with these American annual jeans and they're usually you I've shown them to come earlier such start to you so comfy and then I've heard of bumper consults and together I just think about that coordinates really well and I okay so here is my next outfit and it's a pastel strap haul from American Eagle and I love it I just really love the colors in it and then I have only Abercrombie jeans which I showed you guys earlier there's a super cute and then with my water flip on vans which are literally starting to go with everything of all it's kind of crazy but love this outfit I'm just really thankful weekend for school alright so here is my next outfit and it says yellow sweater from pink and I love it just has a pin right here it's like knitted it's really comfy and found like oversized like really warm and cozy but then I have these wings and some black leggings from pain these aren't new but a lot of times when I'm just like don't fill in the jeans I'll just throw through muggin this will be a very good test day outfit but these are running shoes they are wat not to me and they've been my favorite pair of like a lot tennis shoes that I've ever had but yes unless something or ask you this is the last outfit and everything I'm wearing is from Hollister and first this is a really cute from GE jacket and I love it for the Ashley stretchy why polo shirt jeans actually watch the same material and then I have on a strap 22 and I actually have a dress in this same like strop pattern and then I love the neckline on this if it helps a little like me in it and then I just have on this Hollister speaking that I showed you guys earlier super stretchy and comfy and I think that in for this video I really hope that you guys enjoyed it and if you did make sure to give a thumbs up and head on over to my Instagram and my tech-talk and you guys can actually tell me like what you think I should wear on the first day of school because like a lot of times I'll have you guys corpsman if it's in section o Clements you can go DM me on Instagram hung it on my pose and that will help me figure out what to wear on the first day of school this year I think that's it baby

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