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these are my pattern pieces for the dress and it's just two simple pieces and these are the sleeves this is a sleeve piece this is the dress the body of the dress piece and I'm going to use this right here for the sleeves and this for the body and so let's get started now I said when I'm did then the vlog talking about this I want the sleeves to be a little bit longer the first one I made I think the sleeves are just really short and I wanted to be a little puffier so what I'm gonna do is try adding a little length to the sleeve and hunt for down that'll give us some nice puffy sleeve this is would be the bottom of the sleeve where it goes around the arm so what I want to do is I'm gonna need to cut two of these but I'm gonna kind of wanted to turn what I want to do is add a bout close to two inches to this sleeve now I can just take this piece as a guide to cut the second piece [Laughter] [Laughter] okay the next thing I want to do is cut out two pictures for the body of the dress and I'm going to do that off camera and then we'll get started constructing the dress anything I've got to the body piece is cut on the fold and two of the sleeves cut on the fold and I've added a couple of inches to the sleeves because I want to see if I can make them a little puffier so our first step is gonna be to since I earned this and you know it's going to create a crease that will be hard to get out of the sleeves later on I'm gonna iron that crease out so that's going to be the very first thing that I'm gonna do before I start putting the dress together okay so I'm gonna take a sleeve and a piece of the the dress piece and I want to line it up just leave making sure that this is on the outside you don't want to do it like this or with right sides facing together I'm gonna put this sleeve here I'm just going to pin it some up stays in place now I'm going to stitch right along here being very careful to be as neat as possible you want that curve to be neat in the arm so we'll go to the Machine and do that [Applause] I'm just keeping my the side of my presser foot right at the edge of the fabric so that it's all even now now I'm going to take the pins out I'm going to fold this sleeve over open it up and I was going to place the other sleeve on the other side and I'm going to pin it in place and stitch it the same way I did the first one and I'll do that off camera and then I will come back and show you what to do next okay we've got the sleeves sewn on one side of the baby dress now what we need to be able to sew it onto the other side so you start by flipping this piece over I'm gonna line it up okay and we'll go over to the machine and I'm going to sew this one then I'm going to line this one up and sew it on this whale hopefully you can see this and my credit little space in here this is the dress laid out after everything has been the sleeves have been put together and I went ahead with my Kenmore and did a tight zigzag around the neck edge and around the bottom edge of the sleeves just to neaten it up if you can do that or if you have a serger you probably want to Serge everything so that's next step is going to be to create a casing for the sleet the elastic and the sleeves and the elastic and the neck and the sleeves I'm going to iron over I'm not going to earn the neck because it's just in such an awkward place and I actually think I would do better with it if I don't try to earn it and get it all even because sometimes it just doesn't work out with something I'd like this I don't know we'll see I might try it I'm folding over about a half an inch for sleeves and I'm going to use this core inch elastic it's always good to I don't think I said that in my sewing essentials video but it is always good to have extra things like elastic and different sizes and buttons and you know almost every singe dress has a button collection I certainly do I'm not going to earn this because I don't think that I will get it right I do better doing the neckline as I go along but I'm going to sew right up on the edge of these and I'm going to turn the neckline and sew it over so that I can create a casing for the neckline you want to leave an opening so that you can feed the elastic through you're not going to need to do that with the sleeves you just leave the ends open so you can fit it through and I created this little piece to make like a tag for the back of the front it's really this dress is like oh there wasn't a back piece in the front piece so it's just up to you to determine which side you want to put it on and what I'm going to do is put it in there like that make sort of a tag to make the show where the back is I'm doing us the casing for the sleeves and then we'll do the neckline [Applause] okay for the neckline I'm going to click the free arm off my machete and I'm going to start on the edge of one of the sleeves I'm just gonna stay right on this edge just we want plenty of room to you put the elastic in get to the middle here I'm gonna get my little tag put my needle down in there so the fabric doesn't shift I'm gonna stick this tag right in here the way I know that I've got wound up is that all these seams for the where the sleeve is connected to the body will kind of wanna is it right you can see here it looks thicker than it does here but that does you know it just happens sometimes but I know I've got it wound up evenly because everything is lining up the way that it should what I want to do next is I'm gonna go ahead and put the elastic in the sleeves and we'll do the neckline last so we take a safety pin big safety pin so it was kind of hard to feed him through when I did that the first dress the other night and especially through the neckline but it works so we're just gonna I'm gonna take this all the way through and I'm going to leave a little little bit of a tail not much just so I don't lose it in there and I'm going to go ahead and take the safety pin off what I want to do is just stitch that to hold it in play I'm gonna do a real quick stitch just a couple of times over the last it doesn't move and you have the child with you that you're going to you're making this for you can use their measurements and you want it to be a little loose on an infant you don't want it to be too tight I'm kind of eyeballing this my little great niece is kind of chunky so I want to just figure out where it's gonna be when I sew this together and I think if I can get at least three fingers in there and stretch them out I've got a good it's it's not too tight so now what I need to do is now that I figured out where I want that I'm gonna sew this piece and without cutting the elastic because you might lose it in the sleeve in the casing I'm gonna just so over this side too now I can clip its elastic out of here and I can click this little tail off of this one and it is in place so I'm going to do the same thing with the other side and I'm going to use but firstly if I need to measure and make sure I've got them both equal man you can say a little dress it's not complete but I've got the elastic in the sleeves and at this point I'm going to go ahead and close up the body of the dress and then I'll do the the neckline last what I want to do is line everything up and start pinning just a little bit just so you method and shifts out of place you I'm going to do this on both sides I'm going to learn everything that I'm going to start at the sleeve and so about a quarter inch seam allowance going here going down all the way down the dress and do the exact same thing with the other side [Applause] [Applause] so now you say our little dress is coming together I love this material by the way y'all this really cute really pretty material to make just about anything out of I'm going to also be making a bonnet and a pair of baby slippers to go with this outfit and I'll do those in a separate video so stay tuned for that okay now we need to put the casing on the elastic in the neckline and it's a pretty simple step to the same thing we're going to feed this safety pin through this elastic find that opening I left which is right here okay once I've got this fan sir I'll just need to decide how much gather I want in it and I think I like this right here the Cather looks good and she can still get rid of round little baby head in there so I'm gonna go over to the machine and I'm just gonna tack across this elastic since it's such T an elastic I don't really I can't really slow down like that so I'm gonna go this way with a zig-zag stitch and then I will close up this little opening right here and finish off the hem I'll come back and show you finishing off the hem but hopefully you don't need to see me finishing this part off so I'll be back I went ahead and finished the neckline closed it up and I went all around with a zig zag tight zig-zag stitch and just you know neatened up these lines on this and I did the same thing with the bottom and now all I need to do is hem it and that this would be the point where if you want to add any cute little trim or lace or anything at the bottom you would want to go ahead and do that now okay I think maybe I've got it now so we decide where the you know the trim has a front in the back it looks better on one side than the other so I'm going to line it up with the middle of the back and I'm going to sew this all the way around the dress and then I'm going to come fold this over and sew it on top this part I want to be very careful because I'm sewing from so in the front onto the back and I want to make sure I don't get this caught underneath here and that I keep it lined up well so I'm going to put my machine on low speed you about four or five inches from probably go 15 feet of this crap okay I'm about four or five inches from the end I'm gonna go ahead and sign just a little bit more and then I want to go ahead and leave about an inch overlap in the first piece and I'm going to cut off I need to do this on the outside if you can see what i'm doing here i'm going to fold it over and then we'll start from there and i'm gonna pin it so it does it doesn't move to medium because this is kind of thick right here and I just want to sew it right along the edge of this trim [Applause] you so dirty is in the sleeves I didn't really get the parfum but I think you know I wanted them to be a little puffier then they once on the original dress I made but they're nice and long and it's a cute little dress and then once I get the shoes and the bonnet complete it would be a really cute little outfit for my great-niece and sorry about the trim I really had trouble with that one didn't I you don't have to add the trim you can just let make a hem I saw videos and blogs where they suggested you can make cute little buttons and bows to go on here you're making this for an infant so I do not recommend making anything tinier than a silver dollar and make you can make a big bow you know something that if it came off the child wouldn't choke on a little tutorial for the little infant peasant dress if you wanted more personal sleeve I think really the way to go is to when you cut it on the fold to cut it a little wider like you can say this is the fold of the fabric you could put it'll maybe a half an inch or an inch or two over and that will give more perfect the sleeve but I just kind of made a longer I didn't like that those sleeves were so short and so just look tight looked almost more difficult to get on an infant but I'm yeah so that's it thank you for watching guys peace y'all bye bye

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  1. I just used your tutorial to make my baby daughter’s first Easter dress! I’m a beginner, and I am so proud of myself for making it, and I have you to thank for that. Thank you for making your video so clear and easy to follow, and for sharing your pattern with us. I’ll be making more dresses like this in the future!

  2. Oh my gosh im having my first daughter and i really really want to make her a dress like this one! I want my little girl to have all handmade home sewn clothes and be a little wilderness girl indtead of wanting to shop for name brand all the time. this little dress you made is SO cute! God bless you and your family

  3. I have made quite a few dresses with your pattern. It is so easy to alter. The dresses were for dolls and teddy bears. I watched and used so many of your patterns. I have also used your bonnet pattern for teddy bears. Just made button holes for the ears.

  4. مرحبا.
    عملك أنيق .
    لو تكرّمت ،
    كيف كان شكل شريط الدّانتيل أسفل الفستان ؟
    لم يكن واضحًا في الڤيديو .

    شكرا لك.💐

  5. i have a 18 months baby girl and i love dress her with lovely dresses and i love love this dress i will try to make it 😁😅 never done it but nothing loss try😂😂

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