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hi everyone it's me Anthony today I'm going to be talking about one of my technical files so this is essentially like a research file that this is for my first year actually was it no it was for my second year I lied it's for my second year and it is a it's essentially a huge research file with a ton of research all that good stuff and this was requested so essentially with this project I it was it was to do with diversity so we were given a news we had to design for that particular news and it was to do with diversity in terms of like age is just a number and we were looking at different techniques so like TR cutting and that is pretty much it so we our brief was essentially designing for amuse and making them feel as comfortable as possible and proving that age is just a number and using all these different techniques we had learned to do that so I'll probably I think I have a sketch book on that project on my channel and if I do I will link it below if I haven't yet filmed it it will be coming very soon and this is pretty much the research for it because of course research doesn't really go in the portfolio it doesn't really go in a sketchbook research most of the time goes into a research file which is exactly this otherwise my sketchbook would be full of just so many words and articles and things like that and not as much like sketches cuz I just kept my sketchbook for mainly sketches and experimenting and all that kind of stuff anyway so let's get into it this is my brief so my muse was the wonderful Lynne and she used to work at the college she was 6 to 6 years old and she was five for two so essentially she wanted something very colorful she told me the designers that she really liked she loves Japanese designers so we looked at Kenzo and Yamamoto and she also loved Sonya de Launay as well so we looked at a very bright color palette as you can see so with all of that in mind I pretty much that's her name so I just went like that I we've pretty much started working on the brief which was what we were given to us and then it was actually a competition as well so these are all the things we sort of had to look at so first thing essentially we did we went to a museum so go to the trusty VNA of course and just try and do as much as research as possible this research is actually from online but I did actually go to the V&A as well I also went to the Design Museum which used to be based like on the rim of River Thames but now it's based on Kensington I think it is yeah it is so that's moved but at the time it went to the old design museum really good exhibition there and this is just me analyzing it and sort of looking at her brief and then seeing the research out there as well and seeing if there was anything I could get inspired by so I just put the tickets and stuff in there so the exhibition I went to go see was women fashion power at the Design Museum I also went to go see the VNA as well so this was a competition which was called diversity and these are some of the other women that I looked at so I have that research in there they look so fierce and so so cool I love her I think she's amazing I think they were one amazing really really cool and then I think there was a show on one of them as well but this is essentially what our project was was doing in then I just took a screen shot of that just kind of showed that I actually did listen to it and pay attention to it my muse and then I have like measurements in store this was like a little question thing I did with her about like what kind of things she likes what fashion means to her what she likes and dislikes all that kind of stuff and then this is essentially my research map of what I should and should not do and then things that I've learned as well if you can see any of that don't know if you can and so this is like the TR cutting techniques as well so we will get into those as allowance of these this is essentially what she are cutting is a research map on when the designers that she really liked and then looking at that particular designer and all the colors just try and focus this camera a little bit more and then me annotating it as I go along obviously huh so this is Sonia Quinonez work which I was annotating as I went along Oh also looking at colors so I got these off Pinterest and we decided to go for like every color basically because I came across this this is by Roberto Cavalli and it looks flippin amazing it's so cool it's all pleated and it's so bright and colorful and it's just done in such a cute way is obsessed with that and then looking at just color in general just looked so amazing this was a collection at absolutely loved looking at how other designers have used a broad range of color and then some more like research from books also garment shape ideas embellishment ideas sort of fabric manipulation and I just sort of annotated those as I went along because obviously my knees have to like what I set out to design for her so like annotating that as I went along and then this is just like a TR cutting pattern my patterns looking at Kandinsky looking at all of these unique shapes which you can also find in geography and we did have to incorporate your cutting into the garment as well that was like another challenge sampling stuff in the print room but I didn't really like this kind of stuff for her because it was sort of someone that liked things a little bit simpler so since yes simpler bit more simplified styles so essentially we just decided to go just for the to be out hunting and not to do any like additional print or anything on top of the pieces so this is my PR cutting which is tada it's basically like this where you do like TR cutting and then the seams all sort of thought fall like that so you get these pockets but it's all to do with how the garment has been cut and shaped and the pattern so this was actually the pattern that I did use it might have a picture of the final garment in here somewhere but yeah this was from one of CT are cutting books some patterns experimentation so this is essentially what I did this was like at well we did end up adding sleeves as well so this was not the final garment the final one was pink and white but this was just the twirl I did at home I also kind of tried to see what it looked like with me waist belt on it but my tutor was not a fan of that so we you didn't do that in the end so this is constructing my final garment as you can see added sleeves added a bit more into the sides as well and then this if the order of the making oh I do have pictures in here so this is just me sewing it and then the thing about this particular garment it was the wool fabric that we were provided was very heavy so even though that is the pattern it ended up looking like this which really was very upsetting for me at the time I genuinely hated it so much but it looked okay in the end when I actually made the dress and this was to do the fitting in the end like the end garment that she she wore actually looked a lot better than what it does in these pictures but yeah it didn't look that much like might while because the fabric was not as rigid as the felt that I had used to make that while the final garment didn't look anything like the twelve and so that was a fittings checklist and then in the end this is what the garment looked like it looked a lot better than what it did before so it was fine and once it was styled they definitely looked much much nicer I also added a detachable collar on there as well which was super super cute and this was the idea for styling the makeup the prop idea because we did like form photo shoot for this as well and this was her final look which it looks so much better than what I did when I like first made it it definitely looked a lot better so that is the final garment to which I felt looked really really cool she also had some really cool shoes that I got her but those got cropped out there we are can you see this they're like the Japanese shoes where it's like split for your toe as well it's super super cute and love those shoes and then there's your tights as well there I am there's me hello so these will his shoes and they were like platform they had like a little like they were like wedges essentially and then the external examiner oh this was the final picture not the other one so I was wondering actually that must have been one I took on for my like Instagram that picture this was the final picture which it's so much cuter like the garment just looks way way better she's got a headband yeah it just looks so much better those were the like the shoes again very Japanese inspired the tights it just looked really really cute I know some people don't like wearing like tights or they disapprove of tights with you know shoes like that or socks with sandals or whatever but she looked really cute and it went with her theme okay and yeah so and then this was just like drawing out the little illustrations for my portfolio so this is my illustrator kind of beginner began I was quite new to illustrator at this point this is the other

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