BA Fashion Marketing with Management – Winchester School of Art

Find out more about the undergraduate degree in Fashion Marketing with Management at Winchester School of Art from our staff and students.
it's a really dynamic program that really fuses business with creativity so it's a program for a student who wants a leading business degree from a Russell group University but is strongly interested in working in the fashion industry the students leave with very strategic and critical thinking skills and also produce some very practical outcomes we learn a lot about business models and frameworks and we underpin everything with research but at the same time we have all of our different campaigns and mood boards and films which together brings a really nice body of work year one is really about the fundamental principles of fashion marketing and management the second year is where we look and exploring the idea around product students would have a module on trend forecasting for example that would look at what are the big picture issues affecting brands but also what are the micro trends one of the product trends how our brands communicating and promoting themselves today journalism and writing and writing for different media in the second semester also we look at a modular retail futures and that's really looking at the changing landscape of retail there's always that business side but everything's always very innovative it's always very creative and when it comes to doing your projects then you have that ability to really dissect what's going on and become a much greater thinker the third year is really where everything starts to come together so students use that knowledge from year one and year two and they start to become more independent in their research and exploring topics that perhaps more closely align with where they want to work in industry we deliver a module which we have achieved accreditation with the Institute of digital marketing we recognize the industry are looking for students with very strong digital marketing skills there's also this additional fourth year between year-2 and year-3 which allow the students to go off and work in industry for a whole year or the student can go off and study abroad we have a lot of contact time as well as 1 to 1 we have seminars where we have discussions presentations some of the project briefs will ask them to get very practical in the photo studios fashion styling and art direction skills and they're taking that image and really bringing it back into the digital Suites and enhancing their skills on the Adobe Creative Suite across the team we have very strong industry links that we've established throughout my careers and obviously throughout our time here working in academia we have people regularly visiting the campus to impart their experience but also to come in and critique students work students are really working to live commercial briefs and really getting used to working and researching in the way that they will do in industry those industry links also allow us to go and visit brands so internationally we've been really lucky to visit a variety of different brands including Brooks Brothers in New York we've had a visit to Valentino we've been to Fendi last year in Berlin we were at UM solando we're really lucky actually that this course which is essentially a theoretical business course is situated where we are within this our school so the students are side by side to fashion designers graphic designers games students a lot of our students are going into emerging digital roles in industry a lot of them in fashion PR so that might be press office or that might be PR strategy ecommerce and whole sales they can go into fashion buying they might go into fashion merchandising we have this very close proximity to our students and that is something that I think makes us quite distinctive there's that kind of element of personalizing the curriculum to some extent and understanding each student's own strengths and skills and being able to really mentor and nurture that to make sure that everybody has success you

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