ASMR – TINGLE TAILOR – British Suit Salesman Roleplay

Good evening once again guys, I hope you are all doing very well.

I have decided to do a role play video for you guys tonight. I have several suits and I thought I would take advantage of that by making this video for you.

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good evening welcome to the heat single Taylor thank you very much for coming this evening now why is that I can help you with today okay so you're looking to try a few suits on I've got a few formal events coming up but of course yes absolutely well I'll consume the help you of that and as it happens we do have a few suits available at the moment that may be of interest to yourself as we are an English tailor we do we do always have sort of just before we do go ahead and with ourselves not only to find you the perfect suit or place that you may need it's also to ensure this process is as relaxing as possible for you I am so please do have a seat and be comfortable and what I'm going to do is I'm going to present a few suits and blazers to you know and that may be of interest of course any opinions you have on them do let me know without I'll be more than happy to sort of take any feedback it's all about finding the perfect suit for you today it's what I'm going to do that the first couple I'm going to show you they are quite quite bold these of course he if you want something a bit less bold that's absolutely fine we've got a few minutes licks in there as well and then the last one I'm gonna show you is actually a new arrival that's just coming today which we can obviously show you and obviously you might like that you'll be one of the first customers actually to view that product so first I'm going to start off with this is actually this is actually it's a blue or if you've got as well very well this would be myself this one is part of a blazer I've my suit so the last one that was a pull suit and how you showed you the jacket but there are pants to go with that as well the the next one is actually solid burgundy come with the dark gray the pills now this one is a blazer it's not part of the suit once again if you like a navy blue I want black that goes very well also it creates a really good impression and it just looks really smart and if you wear it like that you can even wear it with a dark pair of jeans and it still does look very very smart it's very nice as well but of course like I didn't mention if you if you were with sort of a dark tone on the core dog shit if you wear a white shirt with this it does sort of take away the effects are of the burgundy then you read that and once again it is a very lovely suit this one of course I didn't mention you were looking for something quite a sport I would recommend even if these events it's great ones where if the few should go in for a few drinks with friends and one of these for that occasion as well if she's gone out for a few drinks with friends it can be quite nice to put a place one sometimes and and I go quite dressed up this next one it's it's a bit less it's a very smart suit I am on this one it can be wonderful and every special occasion or even just for work purposes as well and I think it's more hard to get a suit that can sort of get that balance and where is this one does it perfectly is smart enough to wear for a wedding for example I would refer you if he went to the office in yeah the following Monday you wouldn't look out of place it looks it looks very good and it's a very small this is a very dark gray and almost looks perfect to be nice I thought they call a little bags on there as well and the beautiful red lining also it's called quite fitting the pills this one but this is great for many reasons it's very good if you're going for the power/lock was not which here's the soup I have a white shirt red tie and if for example if you've got a job interview or even if you are going to some place again we want to make a bold statement if you wear this with a white shirt and red tie it looks fantastic and you know you're gonna be one of the this modest dress people in because it's very small as well so this one for example you could wear for a special occasion a little bit to be too much about it's once again this one is part of the fall soon as well a navy blue one this one I'll see if I've ever a detail on the design for more you see finish so if you look very closely you'll see there's a very very fine and Navy check in with this very very smart I put probably a few recommend this one's for probably work on special occasions however you can't wear special occasions as well it's just a ball around very smart suit inside the interview there the lining of the suit of course with pretty much any shirt and tie combination I'd say as long as you know quite true eccentric it is an absolutely lovely sue again as before with our suit it is absolutely one I would recommend no system take that one with me thank you thank you so you guys would you would you like a glass of water no okay that's absolutely different answer if you ever do come back if you change your mind the next one this is the second-to-last soup it's great and it's got a very par-5 pinstripe as well this is a very very fine section called the chalk Drive this there's not quite a thick pinstripe it's a chalk line so it's that's a bit fainter and there's a few more as well that we have it is lovely I cancel to the previous one it is one that I would probably recommend I am predominantly for work I have once again of course if you do want to wear it for a special occasion you can do again the interior lining of this one this one's actually just a black one but it does have a pattern on there now they aren't a hundred essentially be able to see them hold it in low light see if it shows a different there's a very very he'll always come back no I'll be honest with you that the people that don't go for that that's why they all done yourself as well but it is a lovely suit one of those timeless timeless pieces we do thank you so the final piece I'm going to to show you that this is brand new to our collection it's how you just come in today and it is a blazing on a suit but you're actually gonna be one of the first customers we've got a show least a few other customers we've shown this to have absolutely love this piece it's it's very it's a bit different but it's not too bold like the color soup they show you it's not really bold one but it's just a really really small jacket myself the tingle tailor have all been absolutely excited to come in and we're all absolutely thrilled no it has coming and I've already got one of these myself as well so if you look at the pattern again there's a very very fine jack and it's sort of a white and it almost a navy blue a favor lovely piece and this is again something quite a lot of things really excuse me am so with this you can wash this one probably better with a darker turn like I have just to just a shot of give this of the Blazer a bit more emphasis if you water color like this they would clash a bit too much and as you can tell the even just from there that they're not gonna go very well so with a suit like this you work with a darker turtleneck a dark I should more even or even sort of quite bright colors should I've seen actually some do in through the pink shirt before as well on that books I thought that's very small also with regards the suit it is it has been a big hit with the staff here at Tinker Tailor very few customers we have shown it to currently they also very much liked it as well so you can use it for work just to get those all priced up for you obviously measured as well yeah the single tailor we get to perfection a well fitted suit can always help to give a better fit for yourself with regards there as well if you wanna put any shirts ties cuff link and they're on selection I'm just behind it in the store over here so if you do it look at those and we also have your shoe selection as well I'm sure should you need any of those that's absolutely fantastic what are they so how can I call it to take you in I thank you very much for visiting Pete single tailor and I've been been today and I hope to see you very very soon as well hope all the special events go OK

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