Art Historian and explore “Art, Design & Fashion – through the prism of history"

How important is it to know history in Fashion?

Do Art and Design movements have impact on Fashion ?

Is it okay to study each of these – Art, Design and Fashion in isolation ?

Let’s talk to Gauri Wagenaar, Art Historian and explore “ Art, Design and Fashion – through the prism of history ” on Candid at Ciceroni Live on 24thJuly, Wednesday, 2.30 pm.

Trained in Applied Arts and History of Art and Archaeology, Gauri has lived in two cultures and speaks six languages. With more than 25 years of experience in creative thinking in Netherlands and India, Gauri has combined academic teaching with nuts-and-bolts-advocacy to bridge the differences between corporate cultures.

She had established and run Dutch Government Trade office in Ahmedabad for 15 years ; has built networks across industries and taken on varied leadership roles besides advising non-profits and serving on educational boards. She has produced Indian language databases and dictionaries, taught art and writing, did traffic awareness, conferences, seminars and events, music shows, film festivals among others.

Feisty, knowledge power-house and a hands-on-educator, Gauri connects the dots of art, design and fashion history to bring in perspective in current times. An insight much needed for the fashion and design industry to progress…

Get ready to delve in history and trivia this Wednesday only on Candid at Ciceroni LIVE

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