Ariana Grande is a pedophile? (Instagram "models")

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if you guys want to help me out a little bit there's this youtuber called Cody Co who I'm sure some of you know and he does videos like this where he does like these fucking crackdowns on these Instagram people these are noxious has instagram people and since i'm not gonna get much of a voice out there if you could like tweet at him comment in his video hey so there's this guy milo and he kind of dived into this a little bit but you should go more deeper into it look good today i am complaining about an Instagram thing and I've been screenshotting these for a while because they've been pissing me the fuck off and I've been wanting to make this video for a while to explain why they've been pissing me the fuck off and uh god I have to figure out how to edit the images onto the video shit I don't know how to do that um okay well let's start off let's just show an image all right miles show an image now so as you can see it's a tweet it's a screenshot of a tweet from drape its Drake's handle this apparently Drake's Twitter and it looks fairly real it says my cousin Muhammad just made it Instagram don't follow him and get him to blow up and then attacks some random ass guy who looks nothing like Drake not even remotely this is this isn't me being racist okay maybe a little bit but he looks nothing like Drake whatsoever and now I'm going to look up his name first of all he's he's private he has 14 posts his profile picture is an ab picture and he's Sudanese and Irish Drake's cousin to go to the next one all right because there's a bunch of these this is a fake one from TMZ TMZ out of all places a fake tweet from the handle TMZ saying breaking news Beyonce Hendrix lovechild has been discovered her Instagram is where's underscore Mia where's Mia she's right here 203 thousand followers alright so how does she get that much oh she's a youtuber let's go check out her YouTube 3,000 subscribers about awful views horrible views most the times I've been breaking a thousand I mean like me to be fair but let's just let's just see this for a second Drake what was it was it fucking Drake and Beyonce yeah Beyonce and Drake's love child so it's these fake-ass tweets and I'm not I'm not hating on these people they probably just wanted some promotion and this is like the new fucking fangled way of promotion means this really tricks people this really gets people thinking oh my god are you Drake and Beyonce's love child cuz you kind of look no no you actually don't know she doesn't look like either of them or or mix of the two she truly does not they pick one picture in which her the lighting is the same as Beyonce and they pick another picture in which the lighting is the same as Drake making her look like both skin tones isn't that fun doesn't that kind of cancel it out if you're showing two different pictures with different skin tones trying to suggest that it looks like two different people mmm now here's the ones I'm more upset about my cousins skip is back on Instagram give him a follow and even they didn't even tag anything here's one that really fucking pisses me off is somebody using Ryan Reynolds for promotion my cousin just made an Instagram give him a follow we're about to work on a movie together first of all a middle-aged sweating me probably in like his late 30s early 40s maybe with hair loss and then a picture of gorgeous Ryan Reynolds early so let's look up TR Gourley real quick TR glow early TR burly there he is private private account 14.5 thousand followers 453 posts and then it's how come nobody told me about Charlie coots cousin Reese Larkin okay let's look up Reese Larkin let's see you know they kind of look a little similar he's a good-looking guy I'd understand if you know you want some promotion what does he do oh oh he's an entrepreneur he's a world traveler and a digital marketing strict strategist a digital marketing strategist and then let's just look at his uh his story highlights here Poland babe England cars LA Hawaii Tokyo Bangkok Florida switz Yosemite and San Francis all he does is post pictures of him traveling that's all he does it's great great top quality content right here alright now this is the one that has pissed me off more than any other one ever it's another one from TMZ Justin Timberlake's cousin has resurfaced the internet he looks so much as him it's at max ploor now this guy max Bloor he's all over the place and let's just look him up real quick max pleura first of all he doesn't pop up did he change his name did he change his name max floor it's just an app is he gone here's a fake account of them is he just gone well there is some good in the world Zayn Malik or Zayn Malik or whatever he doesn't want to go public but fuck it go follow my cousin yah yah yah yah yah yah on Instagram yah yah blue easier to get him to blow up let's just let's just keep scrolling through these I'll show you all the ones new announcement we have a special guest coming to the show Riverdale next month please give him a following congratulate him at dude it's Riley now let's just look up dude it's Riley real quick dude it's Riley dude it's Riley haha what what does he do he's a public figure he's 18 he just post selfies he just post selfies ya know he's a decent looking guy and he just post selfies and he has 93 thousand followers 26 posts and one of his link his links in his bio is famous famous birthdays calm / people / dude it's Riley yep this is one from Justin Bieber again Justin Bieber's brother finally made an insta and it's ultra zoom here and zoom in here it's picture of dimples picture of draw line and then a picture of apparently the same guy just fuckin flexing got some massive packs massive biceps he says Justin Bieber says finally convince my bro to make an Instagram Lowell had da dee da dee da music go follow them and send me a screenshot for a follow back from me great now these these same two pictures the jawline one and the dimples one have been used for so many fucking people so many now here's another one Ariana Grande he's only 15 15 years old and already a model I'm so happy for you cutie @m e k IC me Kai see first of all this guy's not 15 he's absolutely not 15 here's another hilarious one my little cousin Connor just made an Instagram go home and let's get him to blow up Connor another Justin Bieber one proud of my brother Bill Gus whoa Justin Bieber has so many fuckin brothers and this one is what is what is he Israeli I don't know interesting interesting these be it's Justin Bieber's Canadian right Canadian white European and Bill Gus I mean I who am I to judge how was at Axl only 16 first of all he's not he's not only 16 and then another tweet from ariana grande when you look hard without even showing your face love you at axle hashtag cutie first of all pedophilia ariana grande Wow how dare you say that the kids only 16 here's another great one you remember the picture from earlier the jawline dimples and bicep and PEC picture you just want to try and promote another guy a fake tweet from Chris Brown because of the people who want to advertise you it's Chris Brown cuz Chris Brown is you know he gets he just has so much respected and III guess he's just such a good promoter that if you're just related to Chris Brown in any way people will automatically respect you you know drop you a follow just stuff like that also this guy's handle is at 6:00 p.m. that's where that means Zendaya's the other younger brother wait a minute hold on that's me I see hold on Kye car you Zendaya's brother the same days brothers being hit on by ariana grande I love in all these tweets they have to do a comparison picture like I know they don't look related but here's a picture of Drake and here's a picture of dun dun see exact same Noah sent he knows cousin has me shook mm-hmm here's another guy that doesn't look like no and here's Ryan Reynolds calling out Blake Lively for cheating on him with twenty ghosts no that was real I like that one no one was funny well thank you for watching if you guys want to help me out a little bit there's this youtuber called kotico who I'm sure some of you know and he does videos like this where he does like these fucking crackdowns and these Instagram people these obnoxious has instagram people and since I'm not gonna get much of a voice out there if you could like tweet at him coming in his video hey so there's this guy Milo and he kind of dived into this a little bit but you should go more deeper into it more deep would go deeper into it you should go more deeper into it you should get deeper into it you should go deeper more deeper into it you should go then that would be appreciated I think would help me out I think would help him out it's some free content right there first of all fucking free content and also I want to crack down on these people because I'm still seeing this and I'm still fucking seeing this and I've done the not interested thing and I'm still seeing it everywhere and it pisses me the fuck off why can't I beat Ryan Reynolds cousin huh why can't ariana grande tweet at me calling me hot without showing my face it's not fair it's not fair so either okay so there's two things that we could should do from this video number one get me some like a sponsorship and something like that I want to be called Ryan Reynolds younger cousin or to get these fucking people off Instagram Jesus Christ is so obnoxious all these little fucking teens all these little attractive teens getting famous for no fucking reason it's almost like they build up a following just for showing off their jawline art oh well okay no nevermind it's not a problem and

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