Are You Wearing The Right Fit of Jeans? | Men's Style Staples

How should jeans fit? Are you wearing the right fit of jeans?
In my men’s jeans guide, I outline six different styles of jeans and what men’s body shape they will suit. Understanding how jeans should fit is important in order to get the best style of jeans for you.
Men’s jeans come in a variety of shapes and fits but they won’t suit everyone.
In my jeans style guide, I’ll be covering men’s skinny jeans; slim jeans; straight jeans; athletic jeans; standard jeans; and bootcut jeans.

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– Standard –
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– Aveda Thickening Tonic –
– Patricks M3 Clay –
– My hair was cut 2 days before this video was filmed. It was a 0.5 clipper back and sides.
– The top comes down to the top of my nose.
– It’s longer in the front than the back.
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hi guys how are you I'm Robin welcome back to my youtube channel and welcome to this new video known this one I'm going to outline the best fit of jeans for you and your body shape so this video marks the first in a new series that I'm running on my youtube channel this is style staples now it's all about what we as men have in our wardrobe the stuff that we probably should have in our wardrobe and really how and when to wear it so I thought this one on jeans is literally the best thing to store because jeans are such a style staple for me and I know that they will be for you guys too so in this one I'm gonna go through 6 different styles and really say who maybe you is the best to sort of wear them so I'm going to talk about skinny slim straight athletic standard and bootcut now before I get going if you're new to my channel and you've not yet press subscribe then hit the subscribe button right now it's just below this video but here we go start staples I'm working right from the tightest pair of jeans through to the loosest so unsurprisingly at the top is skinny and these are the leanest pair of jeans that you'll have in this list they hug the body right the way down and take her right round the ankles so they aren't going to be the tightest pair now this sells best suited to guys with slightly thinner legs it's just gonna really hold that shape that you have but a top tip especially if you someone who's conscious of having really skinny legs what I would do is wear a darker denim I think and a heavier denim and that's gonna give an illusion of your legs being slightly bigger now if you're a guy who's very athletic or you're slightly bigger set then stay away from the skinny because it's really gonna cling to your body in a way that just doesn't look good now next on the list Isis 11 fit jeans maybe these are cut to fit clothes and will hug the body but they're not as extreme as skinny jeans they're for the people that these may suit again guys maybe you're slightly thinner legs but they can also suit guys who are certainly more Follette ik and I've sort of chunkier thighs because they will hold you but they won't be as extreme now for me I actually think these are very versatile in their style there's something that can be worn slightly more casually especially in a light denim or you can wear setting more formally to work wherever 20 was lately sort of smart it and you weekend in darker denim next the list of the real sort of traditional jeans and these are a straight leg jeans now as the name suggests they are straight all the way down to keep that shape they don't flare they don't taper they just go all the way down now these actually suit guys of all different sort of body shapes and tights if you were slightly bigger got more athletic sort of legs chunkier thighs then these will give you slightly more room than the slim and definitely the skinny but if you are sort of skinnier in terms of legs then these will still give you a bit of shape they make train you slightly but you can give them a girl so always best to try on no gap call these an athletic fit but actually years ago carrot fit was something which is very similar and just like a carrot they kind of tapered down like a V so it starts off quite wide rowing the thighs and then comes down or in the ankles and actually these jeans I'm definitely gonna keep because I really like the shape of them they'll suit a guy who is slightly more athletic as the name says but also if you're a guy who is slightly thinner then these will work for you so I'll give you a bit more sheep it will make you look fuller around the thigh but then take it in around the ankle now the next style is called standard and these are really very similar to straight leg jeans in that they come all the way down but the difference is is that they have slightly more room around the legs now if you're a guy who is slightly bigger and needs a bit more room erroneous legs and these could be perfect for you but if you're a guy who's slightly thinner sort of more sort of narrow in shape then avoid these because you could lose any sort of shape that you have an old willy drown you the final set of genes are bootcut now these are cut with a slight flare at the bottom so they can fit over a boot now out of all these styles of jeans these are the ones that are definitely going back I really just can't do bootcut jeans I did them when I was about 15 because they kind of were in fashion I think but I just don't think they really suit anyone there's a guy actually I used to share a flat with he used to always wear bootcut jeans and used to wear them with a really sort of low brogues and they just didn't work I mean if you are gonna wear bootcut jeans wear them with boots because that's the way that they're been cuffed to sit over a boot if you are slightly thinner then again they're not gonna suit you so much they just really don't sue anyone I do even though I'm talking about this one bootcut jeans buy them if you want but I do not endorse that buy there you go six different styles of jeans all the way from skinny up to the bootcut let's forget about with the bootcut and go with the standard and I hope you've enjoyed this one if you did and you've not yet subscribed to my channel then please do press subscribe right now it's up there I've also got more video suggestions down there stay with me and watch them also on my blog right here I've got some of these jeans and also more from other places online that you can buy but guys I'll see you in my next new video which will be Thursday bye bye

40 thoughts on “Are You Wearing The Right Fit of Jeans? | Men's Style Staples”

  1. Got my first pair or slim flex jeans at JCrew last weekend. My god, I don't know if I can do this. I do have an athletic build. I may retreat to my Original Straight fit AE or Levi's 514. I'm going to try them on with sandals and boat shoes maybe that will be the ticket. They do look good with my redwings. I kept the receipt but I'll try to wear them..maybe.

  2. LOL, yeah boot cut jeans are surprise…..made to wear over boots…..cowboy boots with a 2" heel and a 12-14" shaft, not those flat Chukka boots shown in the video. While they may not work in London for metro fashion types, that's not who they were made for. Try getting your tapered leg jeans over a pair of cowboy boots. Here in the US, people actually do wear cowboy boots, particularly in the West and Southwest. The Wrangler 13MWZ jeans are the official jeans of pro rodeo for a reason, they fit a large guy with an athletic build and they make it easy to wear boots. Are they a good choice with dress shoes? Not really. But boot cut jeans have their place.

  3. What would you recommend for a short guy but slightly chubby? I don't want to make my legs look shorter but I'm not so skinny to fit into skinny. Usually, I wear a slim fit but I find there is too much excess fabric at the back and makes it look saggy ๐Ÿ™

  4. The most important thing with jeans is correct waist and leg length!! Nothing makes me feel more sick than seeing men wearing jeans that are clearly too big… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜จ

  5. You are missing something huge here. The balance of upper body and lower body. If you have any sort of masculine, wide shoulders or big chest, or even a big gut, then skinny or slim are not for you. Boot cut are out of fashion, but that's fashion. An aesthetic sense would tell you that they can look very good on men with big or wide upper bodies.

  6. That's how I know I'm getting old. Hahaha bootcut was in when I was in highschool in the early 2000s. What's weird is I always loved bootcut because that was the fad when I was young, and I always liked how they sort of tailored around my shoes. But Now, I literally only wear my bootcut with boots. Hahaha one day I went jeans shopping and since I am older and with an athletic build I prefer a more fitted set of jeans. So I usually get slim, or straight, sometimes athletic, and sometimes skinny if they aren't to tight. I have a rule about skinny jeans though, if it takes me more than 10 seconds to get them off it's definitely a no go. Lol I swear I one time it too me 4 minutes just to get them off. But anyway, it's interesting how your style can just randomly change one day.

  7. the straight, standard, and boot guy are the best. Skinny jeans are disgusting makes men look homosexual, just saying …i prefer men to look rugged and tough not feminine in skinny

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