Anorexic Male Model

Anorexia former male model who weighs less than 100 pounds. Known as “Manorexia”.
the pressure on women to be thin has been widely reported but some men also fall victim to it this man was a model before his battle with anorexia which has reduced him to 92 pounds April Woodard on the dangers of what some call manorexia he had looks to die for a hunky male model with a totally ripped body a six-pack with bulging muscles and Hollywood good looks it's frightening to imagine that this is the same man today I have nobody pepys frail and emaciated virtually skin and bones his skin is paper-thin its ravaged my body jeremy gilles de is fighting for his life I do want to look definitely the 36 year-old from Minnesota weighs a dangerously low 92 pounds jeremy is battling anorexia only one in ten and erect six is a man a popular term is manorexic while I inspire everyone but especially man males have the same pressures as females as far as maybe not mean skinny but looking ripped and muscular jeremy was an adorable healthy little boy he grew into a ruggedly handsome young man his friend suggested he model I like seeing that I look good it was I was nervous in front of the camera he appeared in numerous ads many featuring his athletic body Jeremy began working out with a passion and he took on a chiseled physique any guy would envy I felt they need to be perfect in my body shape and size and muscles but it was never good enough nutritionist joy Bauer doesn't treat Jeremy but says that obsession over body image is a common trigger and Mayo and xyx the same way that women are looking at magazines and rail thin models men are looking at those very same magazines men with six-packs and ripples of muscles Jeremy says he slipped into anorexia is deadly grip after suffering a string of personal setbacks he began combining an almost fanatic exercise routine with a near starvation diet I was getting probably then maybe half an apple a day and half a sandwich that's it the muscle soon disappeared and his body took on an emaciated look he even documented it on YouTube Jeremy says his faith is helping him to turn his life around surprisingly his refrigerator is now chock full of food and he's starting to eat more his portions are small but it's a big step people ask me don't you want to look like you did in those pictures and I'm like I'd rather be happy than well life is looking better I

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  1. I can't believe that guy still has such a thick head of hair being so light with skin so thin. Hair is normally one of the first sources of resource expenditure that is sacrificed. By the time yone's body has burned up so much muscle tissue and skin tissue for nutrients the person has very thin hair, usually.

  2. he most likely took drugs to be thin then pumped himself with steroids and protein shakes to be bulky. When his modeling career ended , he most likely stopped exercising , stopped steroids and protein, but continued drugs – resulting in drastic reduction of body mass. he isn't eating because of the drugs , so it's a drug induced form of anorexia … this happens to lots of models and hollywood actors – really scary stuff . the image of a hunky model is unhealthy and unrealistic, nobody should aspire to it. it's an ugly ideal once you know the truth it's made of…

  3. I'm a dude and told my wife, "woe, that guy is good looking"; for 3.2 seconds at least. Sad story. Unfortunately he didn't have womanorexia, or things might have turned out different for him.

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