AJ Tracey Talks $5 Million Bugattis, Yeezy Scuba Boots, and Gucci Suits | Cop or Drop

AJ Tracey swung by Highsnobiety and let us know if he would ‘Cop or Drop’ Nick Cannon’s Louis Vuitton custom fit, Yeezy Scuba Boots, Saint Laurent Dumbbells in marble, OFF-WHITE X Nike Air Force 1s, Baby Milo SS19 Pet Collection, Gucci monogram-print jogging suit, Supreme super soaker, Palm Angels ‘ Kill the Bear’ shirt, an Airbnb Castle, and a Bugatti Divo.


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yours AJ Tracy hailing from West London and this is copper drop get me more fun at a mosque because I like my face but the vest is hard for me I have to be very specific of custom pieces it's gotta be constant pieces made by someone who's really taking time to practice their art and I don't like it when they use glue because they do not sometimes you can see it and I'm saying it's gotta be stitched I'm a very particular black particular what I'm into it oh yeah I've seen it I've seen their trash that's what trash for I'll never win it I don't worry I do this anyway but like god they look like like elf shoes of course of course they're gonna buy them come on bro you and me both know everyone's gonna buy them just cuz they're easy they're just easy bro so everyone's gonna buy them I mean they'd look good in a crib if you have marble in your crib but I'd never caught that nice always the money my mom was like me forgot that I love all a lover I like Tiffany that's nothing special I score catch my eye man I collect like they're bricks and stuff so I'm focused on the home trip more than like the the clove injury for a moment I'm saying but but that's not that's not for me these are cop here but you know something we're obviously knocking up after we saw miss Betty knows I'm a Christian so it was a shower to ask my guys over like get me a mogul at you honestly not just clothesline he's a friend of mine but everybody who does not feel like he's just a genius honestly he's really into navour everyone right now once so if that could just because he's cool but I feel like he's into you know what everyone wants to wear and especially like I feel like he's different from everyone else everyone's trying to be like him and obviously is a black man so loss of what I mean what if four dogs and I saw that's what I thought that's caught I don't I'm gonna get dog though she beginning you know the mean dog Tok yeah I'm gonna and I'm gonna get like one mean one you know saying one aggressive one like a robot and then I'm gonna get the key one tonight hang out with you know yeah I've seen this actually like this is really nice I feel like there's a cup of ice it's like that's a one time where you know saying you couldn't be the guy who always wears that same Gucci suit but like that guy's a cop definitely so drop man I already care about that stuff like I care about house trip but you see those random accessory that I'm never gonna use that just cost a lot of money it's like I'm good honestly I'm good there's my favorite pieces if you organize my favorite I wear this to death ever see me wear this like I understand you know what I like I just remembered you know my actual favorite supreme pieces I have a rug in my firm that says fail for BlackPlanet that's my favorite piece because when people come in my house like obviously it's a black household and people come in and some people look at them not intimidated by the neck really I'm saying so at the door you know where is you know it's on a job you know say for me personally I feel like your accessories have to embody you as a person that if it does then it fits even if it doesn't matter outfit if that's you know like if you show somewhere and other like some of my boys one of my boys but he's like a serious Christian like he's really not into his religion so I see him wearing a rosary sometimes but it's not really for fast earnest because he genuinely values that piece I'm saying so even if he's wearing a crazy like baby blue rosary like it doesn't matter doesn't match because that's him I'm saying so people know arcade like he's wearing it for that reason so but you know that when you see usually with this crazy accessory you know that's him like he really is into those accessory so it just works whose ey ey's iciness I like I like the pants I'm not mostly gonna talk if it's not doing too much you know like it was a crazy pattern I don't like wearing a top on the worms I'll just wear like the bombs and just wear like a playing hoody of it what what countries iron okay so nickname eating close to meeting that's a drop because in the UK we have loads of course was like that's not a special crazy straight over every child with you obviously I'm from Trinidad so for me go in there and like learn about my own culture it was kind of crazy for me because that's why I'm from I'm like I just didn't know I knew about my co job I didn't really get to experience it when I went there and lived it I went to corner war stuff like I saw a video that I was crazy I'm saying I was really grateful for my roots as a journalist probably pays okay crazy I'm definitely into cause that would be a cop if I had the money for that okay actually only make these cause to prove that they can may the best call like they don't actually make profit of it they actually go – on every car they make so that's obviously a work of engineering like genius and all so that would definitely be a I have a favorite cause I like my parent p1 awful necessarily enough common MacLaren's are kind of like a bit left it's like when you see some of you oh okay you got me by like the Lambo truckers already I mean that's trying to get that right now so we'll see if when I want to plug my name is a DHA see I'm from West London let me go look me up on fire laws but nothing on me I'm the hardest it's just a fact my album shot you got number three in the UK independent and me so gonna run it out for me loss of love you

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  1. 4:25 Bugatti doesn’t loose money they spend money on research on development which costs more than the cars they sell but that research then goes into other Volkswagen brands and products which then makes more money than they spend

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