Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

hello everyone I'm Ling and today I will send you some information about the topic advantage and disadvantage of studying abroad yes you know and given an opportunity to study abroad no emissions in we were individual one to let it flow as a dream of flying to further corner of the world to pursue education is common for every young inquisitive student holeczek progressive learning progress and a test file i concern it a on CD entitled golden chain 2 and a quiet and rich knowledge as far west and develop in personal and professional growth about suited advantage of study abroad at the vault so the first thing i want to mention is that a degree and certification of international university or college is highly appreciated in vietnam so on student will have more opportunity to get play with some cooperate office and cooperation secondly and secondly it that if you are meeting and meeting with people from different country and interacting with them on basic level yurina are doing also widened your knowledge as well as most Eastham as the next thing i want to mention about the advantage of studying abroad in that education system in a hidden a tional university our college high school is very good and they are usually requires a critical critical thinking last curriculum is very useful and beneficial for students is modern word on the other hand when living when living abroad you win phase one or more problem and Amina firstly i watch recently that you if you are live abroad you i'll on me even though you are living in a community society or even if you are close with friends and family through Skype Facebook or others it does not mean that it is easier to study abroad and you will experience a time called country soak you in for sad lonely and I'm even frustrate frustrated and secondly needle is that many people think that if you are live in a country in another country you will not understand about the bit about the language metal is of course is true but if you don't talk you will you will not into a tube and then firstly if food you know cut culture you're different so to put in different tool is so experienced I mean I guess my reading code to get better game and on the next thing ya cost a aspire I concern living abroad your ruling means this they say nothing if we as you know and last last but knowledge problem is that and is hard to come back home it's hard to come back home because easier – hard and living in an acid cheap and now something I want to share you sign for listening

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