Academy of Design – Fashion Design & Portfolio Advanced Certificate

Our student, Lauren Fung, sharing her experience with Academy of Design during her 1 year part-time Advanced Certificate course in Fashion Design & Portfolio.

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I decided to join the fashion design and portfolio cause because I am very interested in fashion since I was small I decided to join this course so that I can learn more skills on fashion design and how to develop the concepts and also some practical skills of making clothes and group as sketching and I hope that one day I'm able to develop my own label so that um I can make pretty clothes for every girl one of the most memorable thing that I experienced in the cause is participating in the international footwear design competition I jumped the competition only after about two months that I started a cost so at first I was actually not very confident but in the end was the help of my teachers I was able to enter it into the finals another thing that is memorable for in the course is that I get to work as an internship for Cecilia MA and through this internship I'm able to really get into the industry and to learn more practical steps of how does the industry works which gives me a more clear direction on what should I do next in order to achieve my dream you me

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