A Look Inside: Ryerson School of Fashion

Erin Petrow, Vanessa Francone and Anna Chorazyczewski take a look at how Ryerson fashion students are preparing their final projects.
all of the first years in the Ryerson school of fashion design and communication are both working on it the day wear dress that I created is to be worn by a woman in the working force who has children works in a metropolitan area and goes home at night to a family as well the project will be marked in the end and it's designed for reitman size that they wouldn't be in their store one of our projects where illustration class was to develop 24 dress designs this right here is a yoke which we also did on the back right here it's gonna be done in contrast as well as the collar up here right down the center honestly when this is so super nerdy but when you get like a perfect stitch it makes me extremely happy that's definitely been my favorite part it's not a competition they just wanted to incorporate Reitmans and Penningtons to just give us an idea where to go with it since it's the first year that we're doing it and the teacher is graded but I believe that five percent of your grade comes from Penningtons they're actually going to have a like a representative come in and look at all the dresses and see if it works and stuff like that our teachers kind of give us a direction but it's very singular you don't have a partner and you don't have that sort of stuff so you have to get it all done by yourself earnest part was getting it all to work together all the pieces making sure they all fit together properly because you have to manipulate the pattern blocks which means you changed them around a little bit and to make sure that they all match up was the most difficult and time-consuming

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