A Look Inside London Modeling Agency (1955) | Vintage Fashions

Young ladies attend “Model School” at the Model Agency in London (1955). The girls do various neck and hand exercises, stretching, and are taught about posture. Hairstyling tuition is given by Leonard Ralph, while a fashion photographer explains posing techniques.

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Model Agency in London, 1955, taken from the British Pathe reel ‘Model School’. This clip has some fantastic and glamourous 1950s fashions, and beautiful shots of the girls walking down the catwalk.

Before television, people came to movie theatres to watch the news. British Pathé was at the forefront of cinematic journalism, blending information with entertainment to popular effect. Over the course of a century, it documented everything from major armed conflicts and seismic political crises to the curious hobbies and eccentric lives of ordinary people. If it happened, British Pathé filmed it.

Now considered to be the finest newsreel archive in the world, British Pathé is a treasure trove of 85,000 films unrivalled in their historical and cultural significance.
training for the day when heads will turn to look at them at an academy in Fulham London as some of Britain's models of the future for this is one of the country's most up-to-date training schools for models and mannequins their hands gesturing on the fashion stage will make automatically graceful movements their limbs will be effortlessly supple as they move and pose for the cameras and fashion experts of the future qualifications required even to study at the school our intelligence a good figure attractiveness an age between 16 and 26 and the ability to stick to a rigorous system of training these say the school's principles are the characteristics of the first class model you different clothes call for different hairstyles instructor Leonard Ralph teaches them the basics of hairstyling the backroom secrets which will give the girls a head start over rivals in that highly competitive professional stepping out smartly is not enough grace poise the correct turn for the dress displayed these all have to be studied there are special terms to show off evening gowns or just shoes others like the pivot turn four straight skirts and the rocking turn for fuller ones the rocking turn flares up the skirt just so much and no more tricks of the trade that seems so simple and natural to take a great deal of training like the proper court curtsy that may well be needed one day on presentation at court or at some royal occasion [Applause] imaginary scenes today soon perhaps the real thing great so simple movements that will capture the floodlights and cameras with artful charm appointed less how to pivot round an umbrella and how to carry it with not a trace of awkwardness some of the girls may specialize in photographic modeling all of them will need to know how best to pose for pictures that could be as well-known as those our film stars the models of the future it's an education to watch them

29 thoughts on “A Look Inside London Modeling Agency (1955) | Vintage Fashions”

  1. I find it interesting, that the closest thing to these models today, are the Victoria's Secret models; and yet, they are the most scolded of models, while people are praising these models in the comments. 🙂

    Mind you, I personally think these models seem pretty awesome, and I like the VS models as well. It is just interesting how differently they are perceived, when they really share a lot of similarities.

  2. Women`s obsession with beautiful appearances is universal and goes beyond time. Of course, men`s obsession with beautiful women is also universal and goes beyond time too.

  3. i know a lot of these comments on this video are from years ago but these women in this video look similarly or even just as skinny as the models of today, and the modeling industry now (it's taking baby steps though so :/) is starting to be more inclusive of plus sized women, women of color, etc., and also nothing in this video brought up anything about feminists or feminism; if any of you felt the need to slander women in the name praising women of the past, not only do you have a personal problem, but you're probably a raging misogynist troll that has nothing better to do but troll in the yt comment section like a loser. anyways…

  4. They totally do! But it is a bit different and isn't called "modeling…" It is seen more in Europe than in the US… Also, there are "retro" places popping up in the US and around the world to teach "poise, style and elegance." 🙂

  5. Gosh, this is utterly unrelated to this video and a pathetic attempt of "grabbing one's goat." Yes, I have. Daily, since anyone who believes in equality is a feminist, most of them are well-mannered and beautiful. They may lack the elegance of previous decades but I think it is worth it for the sake of equality. I believe that once we've settled down and are truly equal many of the finer things will come back to us. Clearly, you do not agree…

  6. Feminism has naught to do with that meller… There are many attractive TV/film women! Plus, the majority of feminists I know in everyday life (which are quite a few) are very well-mannered and fashionable. They're far from dour, angry or shrewish. That, per usual, is a gross overgeneralization…

  7. Indeed… Women today (outside of the highest classes) are not trained for such things, I know that I would be ill-prepared for an encounter of the sort!

  8. Probably that thankfully, nowadays a woman has more choices than just being a wife and staying at home with the kids, like it was expected in the 1950s, and that she can be financially independent without relying on a man.

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