A Conversation with Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Chats Luxury at WWD CEO Summit.

The designer initially disputed the notion the economic crisis has had a negative impact on her work, calling it creatively empowering, while noting that being a relatively small company has its advantages in tough times.
I think that you know the fashion street I love I'm in the fashion industry but I do think that in this day and age we are slightly in danger of being left a little behind or in in danger of having to play catch up with a lot of other industries that are more aware of you know their environmental impact or of just being sort of a little more conscious and I guess sympathetic to some issues I think that you know I'm not saying that leather has to be abolished from this industry I mean I would be ridiculous thing to say but I do think that and it's not just leather I mean you know our stores are our headquarters in London where powered by ecotricity which is wind power we just think like that you know so ended that that was an outburst of European animals right and how to develop and how have you applied it I think it's just probably the people that I work with the city that I live in is you know people are trying them more organic food it's just bits music and verily Allah gamma yeah but it's and actually there's organic in every aspect of what I do with certain percentage of sustainability or organic in in every collaboration I do and in obviously in the business but I think that it's just something that grew from being a responsible adult on the planet it wasn't like do you ever find that because you started doing this because this was who you are that now all the sudden it's yours yeah it's a it's kind of every other thing I always get asked about it and we're not perfect I always say we are so not perfect I mean you know with the percentage of good stuff we do there's a percentage of just conventional stuff that we do and I think that it's important to say that but I i think you know I kind of have a rule if you know my job first and foremost is to create luxurious desirable gorgeous items and that is my job and if that piece has to be sacrificed so much to the extent that it's no longer luxurious and desirable and then I will make the decision probably to not go with the organic fabric or you know and there are lots of different impacts that it has it's more expensive it's it's hard but it's also that is my job is to push things and I think that's what i mean by the fashion industry can be a little unfashionable at times is that it is in danger of not pushing itself it's in danger of just always doing lever and always doing conventional fabrics and really all other industries are having to think about how to push themselves and I think that this fashion story is the one that's supposed to be doing it the most

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  1. So you are not a responsible adult if you do not eat organic, give up fur and leather, or eat vegan? LOL Please if that is for you then it is for you ! But you are no more responsible then the next

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