9 Men's Style Articles I Wish I Had Written – Also Sneak Peak At Style System August 2012

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9 Men's Style Articles I Wish I Had Written
– Also Sneak Peak At Style System August 2012 Nine Men's Style Articles I Wish I Had Written,
presented by Real Men Real Style and I'm Antonio Centeno. If you haven't already, please subscribe to
my YouTube channel. By doing that, these videos will come right
to you. In addition, if you like this, if you find
it useful, I would appreciate it if you would click on the "like" button right down there. Okay, so what am I going to cover today? I'll talk about four things: 1. What I've been working on over at the Style
System 2. I'm going to introduce you to one of the top
style bloggers in New York City. 3. We're going to talk about a classic style
blogger over on the west coast. 4. We're going to talk about an underappreciated
style blogger in Washington, DC. The Style System Let me go ahead and pull this up. So the Style System, this is what I've been
focusing on. You guys know about this. Maybe what you don't know though is that a
whole section is on the core wardrobe, and I love this section because I broke out over
230 items. You click here and the first thing you'd look
at is the core navy suit. I go over all the details of the navy suit,
how to wear it, double, single-breasted. We talk about casual pieces like the Henley
and where they fit in your wardrobe. We talk about Wayfarer Sunglasses. We talk about Aviator Sunglasses. The best part is that we've got this interaction
part here at the bottom. In this case, we're talking about leather
jackets, the different styles of leather jackets, how to wear leather jackets, what they go
with in your wardrobe, but the big thing here is I want you to take action, so I make you
go to a website and basically I have you go through and tell me what leather jacket do
you really like, which one do you feel suits your personal style, and it's this interaction
which is really making the style system awesome. We've got some really cool bonuses. This one is how to dress for a nightclub. I had a lot of fun with this one. It's over 37 pages long. And a lot like my other books, we go into
a lot of detail about how to get into the nightclub. Let me go ahead and pull this up, so we talk
about how to get into the nightclub, how to dress for the nightclub, a lot of tricks,
and a lot of this is actually based off research that we went and did and we talked to a lot
of people who work at security nightclubs, how to skip the lines, how to get in, the
tricks that you need to know for going out. That's just one of the seven bonuses that
we have in the Style System, but that is where I've been focusing. BLOGGERS Let's go ahead. You guys are here because we're going to talk
about three bloggers and nine articles. 1. Dan – The Style Blogger If you haven't been to his website, you're
missing out. Dan is a great writer, very knowledgeable,
one of Esquire's best dressed men, and he's in New York City. He's Canadian, but he made his way to New
York City, and I just love these articles. So the first one I want to highlight is "Dressing
Your Body Type: Tips for Heavier Guys". This is a recent article and I love it because
he took a larger man, and this isn't Dan. This is a friend of his, but he highlighted
how this larger man dresses with style and still looks good. I love his last tip, but you're going to have
to go to the article to find out what that one is about. This other one, "How to Reinvent Your Wardrobe
with 25 Essential Items," now, I just talked about how I've gotten an entire section on
the core wardrobe, but Dan does a great job of giving you what many men should have. He goes into different shirts, the different
types of trousers, your belts, a watch, type of sunglasses. Well, you can go read the article, but again,
that is "Reinvent Your Wardrobe with 25 Essential Items". The other article I'll recommend with Dan,
and by the way, Dan has dozens and dozens, probably well over a hundred great articles,
but you really want to read "Business Casual with Style" and again, he brings in a friend. I just love the pictures and the detail they
go into how they put these outfits together. Now, the negative part about this is they're
definitely a New York — I mean, if you're maybe a southern gentleman and you're down
in Austin, Texas, this blog isn't going to do it for you. This is more towards four seasons and towards
the East Coast, but there are quite a few of you guys out there. 2. Will – A Suitable Wardrobe Let's say you're a bit older and you're out
maybe towards California, you are going to want to go a check out A Suitable Wardrobe,
and Will does an excellent job over here. The first article I'm going to highlight is
"Buying Character" and what Will talks about is how these — and Will is an older guy. I think he's retired. He's in his probably mid-60s, but he talks
about how these shoes are actually older than him and how he bought them, used, and they
really have a life and a history behind them. I really enjoy Will's solid writing and he
talks about what it means to be well dressed. A Suitable Wardrobe, actually, that's the
name of his blog, but one of my favorite articles that he wrote back in 2006, the key to this
article which just really had a big influence on me when I first read it, was he talks about
a gentleman named AJ Drexel Biddle. He was a 63-year-old Adjutant General in Pennsylvania,
but he was named the best dressed man in the US. The interesting thing about that is his wardrobe
only contained seven suits. Now, this was back in 1960s and he had grown
up in the '30s, the '40s, and the '50s, and this was a man who literally made it through
life with minimal amount of clothing. I would say this article in particular had
a big effect on me and how I look at the interchangeable wardrobe. So how many shirts? I get this question so many times, and Will
actually doesn’t provide an exact answer. He provides you a formula. So who's the third blogger? Who's out in DC? 3. Chris – Off the Cuff We'll start off with his article, "Why Classic
Style Makes You a Better Person". You have to read the article to understand
what he really means here, but it's a great article, very well put together. And Chris, like I said, he's out in the Washington
DC area and a lot of his stuff is geared towards politics, but he's got these timeless articles
that I just love. This one, "A Brand Called You", and it really
talks about what does it mean for something to be a luxury especially when luxury has,
in many ways, gone downhill nowadays. Finally, check out his "Travel with Style". It was a New Year's resolution that he put
together and I have to admit, I've written an article very similar to this, but I really
like what he had to say here and how he talked about making these decisions in your life
and sticking with them. And really, it's about attitude and being
yourself and having a great time wherever you may be. For more information, you know where to go,
realmenrealstyle.com. I've got that awesome free 47-page e-book. And if you're interested in the Style System,
you go ahead and you can go check out stylesystemsignup.com. I'll link to it down below, and you can go
ahead and go get signed up for our early list for our August. We will be reopening the Style System in August. It's not going to be open until then because
I work with everyone as a class and I only let in a limited amount of people. But if you're on the stylesystemsingup.com
early list, then you're going to get the biggest discount that I'll give and you'll get the
first chance to get it. All right. This has been Antonio Centeno with Real Men
Real Style. Thank you and I'll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.

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  1. I get a lot of questions about that, and the only real answer is — there is no real answer. Generally men will do the top but not the bottom button of a two-button jacket and the middle or middle and top button of a three-button jacket, but there's good style reasons to change that on some jackets — and that's not even getting into double-breasted jackets!

    So while there's some guidelines and traditions, the real way to button your jacket is however it looks good.

  2. This is very good. So much to read and learn, maybe too much at times. I had nowhere to learn about dressing decent and your videos have been a great help, together with other info on the web. Thank heavens for Internet and of course, Thank You, Antonio.

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  5. his website is called A Tailored Suit, you find the link on his channel page, but I believe he only makes custom suits, I don't think you can actually buy one he has already made

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