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hey guys is TMF style i'm jose zuniga and for today I'm gonna be giving you five tips to elevate your mental game the sad news about mentoring is something that develops over time and the more you're in the game the more you will see your style mature over time the good news is that well you guys have me and I'm a mentor blogger I've been doing this for about five years as you know and I started when I was 16 at 16 I actually had bought my first suit it was an express off-the-rack suit it was on sale I think I got the whole suit for like one hundred twenty seven dollars I think including tax and I was so stoked I mean this was my first suit that I actually bought because I wanted to and not because I was being forced to wear you know dress up or something so shortly after that actually after I bought my first suit I established this blog so what I wanted to do is basically give you five tips that I've learned along my route to help you guys elevate your menswear in a faster pace this is from an article that I wrote about a month ago so I'll have it linked below and you can click the I card as well if you want to read it more detail I'll have the icon on top you can click it it'll take you straight to my article and you can read the tips there okay so tip number one don't follow trends this is something that a lot of people fall victim to and I was one of them I'll admit it when I first started my blog I was a huge trend follower and what I mean by this don't follow funky trends all of this will do is make you regret it me personally I switched over about two years ago to more classic mentor and that's what you see a lot of my blog in my videos I'm usually dressed a little bit more classic this that you see right now is problem as fun as it gets for me in suits and that's for a reason I learn very all that following trends isn't gonna suit me just to give you some examples of previous trends that have passed and gone and I bet you none of you would wear it anymore Cambell pants cargo pants with suits joggers funky colored socks you want to really shy away from all this stuff that supposedly enhances your men's room when it's really deterring from it stick to the classics you'll thank me two years from now tip number two and this really should be my first tip because it's the most and one find a good tailor I honestly couldn't be here and look as good as I do without a good tailor my tailor his name is Giovanni he's been in this tailoring business for years I remember in my earlier stages when I first stepped found him and I was still in my early stages of menswear I would go in thinking I knew exactly what I wanted and I came out with something totally different cuz that's the good thing about a good tailor they tell you what you need if you guys recall I did a video on how to tailor denim and I actually took it to my tailor and it showed you how he taking over my pants and one tip that he told me while I was there is I had a bowlegged shape with my legs and he mentioned I was gonna take a little bit more out of the absent than the inseam to make it more balanced so when I wear the jeans I look like I have a nice straight proportion and that's what tailors do so finding a good tailor is gonna be crucial for your clothing game tip number three is inspiration something I did very very early on before I had started my blog is that I would actually read other blogs and I actually still do I don't just read obviously mine I like to read other people's perspective on men's work it's a good way to see how other people's styles develop the most beneficial thing that I saw was learning from their mistakes it's like a saying goes the Y's learn from other people's mistakes so instead of you going and making that mistake take the advice of people that are haven't already been there and have made that mistake so you avoid it and therefore mature quicker tip number four kind of correlates to tip number two which is finding a good tailor and it's learning about proper fit more specifically learning about what properly fits your body and that doesn't mean to just change your shopping tactic from buying classic cut stuff to buying slim fit stuff you need to understand that it all depends on body shapes and proportions not everybody is cut on a slim fit cut and you might actually end up looking worse in a slim fit than in a classic cut some men might actually look better in a classic cut with a little tailoring so learning about proper fit is another very crucial basic to developing your menswear in tip number five and something that took me a long time to realize its quality over quantity I'm sure you've heard of this a lot of times throughout your life I remember I used to hear this a lot in the gym you know you want quality over quantity but actually this applies to a lot of things in your life and men's work is no exception and although I hadn't read it a lot of times for menswear and other people would recommend that as I would read their blogs and never sunk in until one day it kind of like snap I was seeing the money just drain away and what I mean by that is that I would spend every week either at H&M Zara online shopping and a lot of fast fashion accounts like ASOS and for some reason it always felt like I never had enough like I never had everything that I needed and the biggest reason was cuz a lot of these things deteriorated over time and I needed to replenish them I was also following their trends these fast fashion accounts follow every trend that pops up so usually by the next season when something newer and fresher comes out what you had already looks dated so this is very dangerous and it obviously is not cost-effective always go for quality clothing and make sure you build your foundation or wardrobe first which I'm actually gonna be making a video and an article just on that and what exactly is a foundational wardrobe and how can you build one so make sure you build your foundation or wardrobe first you know a foundation is very key and you want to do this with quality garments commerson you know that you're gonna have that foundation three four or five years from now and that's what I did very quickly like I said two years ago when I switched over I decided to just save up money buy a good gray suit save up money buy a good navy suit and although obviously a lot of all my suits are now custom because I own my own brand I guess I have an unfair advantage but just like I mentioned in my previous video on budgeting in the beginning it wasn't like that in the beginning I actually didn't have to save it and with good budgeting tactics you'll be there in no time and if you haven't seen my video and have a budget for quality mentor I have it linked below because it's really good tips that I personally use and we'll get you there like I said in no time so thank you guys for watching if you guys like this video and that information was informative memberid hit up the 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22 thoughts on “5 Tips to Elevate your Menswear Game | Men's Style Tips”

  1. Dear Sir, great video as usual. we are around the same age and I'm into menswear and i couldn't agree with you more!

    One thing though that i keep noticing in your videos. The armhole on your suits are pretty high and complement the overall silhouette. Are your suits MTM?
    Another thing I like about them is the shoulder line. What is your advice if I would lile to replicate the same look? No shoulder pads or minimal ones?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Hey Jose, a couple fashion questions here and perhaps a video idea:
    -What do you think of the infamous tan/brown boat shoe? Would you recommend them over the likes of white canvas shoes or driving loafers for wearing under shoes in the summer?
    -Going along with your recommendation to go for quality over quantity, can you make a video(or just reply me here) on your favorite brands that are good quality yet reasonably priced for each clothing item like casual shirts, dress shirts, tees, henleys, etc. I have been playing around with big name mall brands (J.Crew, Banana Republic, GAP, Express) the last few years and have been pretty satisfied overall, but just wondering if you can recommend something better out there.

  3. Honestly, I've been watching your videos for about a year and a half now and besides the content of your videos being awesome, I can clearly see how your presentation, speaking skills, and .. basically everything, has improved! It's awesome man, and an inspiration. Definitely keep it up man!

  4. I'm not a suit/tie type of person. Can you show how to build a foundation wardrobe that doesn't include suit or tie. It is for those like me that are into street lifestyle. Thanks!

  5. Awesome job guys, you are the only channel that the majority of people can relate to. All other blogs just take pictures in the free clothes that they get sent and want everyone to buy their expensive stuff. I could blame you for not promoting your brand enough but at least you are not forcing anyone to buy from you.

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