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Attitude, gentlemen. We all admire men who have it. James Dean. Marlon Brando. Paul Newman. Impossible to attain? Not at all! What if I told you that with a couple of pieces as simple as a leather jacket or a stylish watch, YOU could show that you’ve got some old-school attitude. In today’s video, I’ve teamed up with my friends over at Vincero Watches to show you how. It’s nothing short of amazing what our clothing choices say about us. Learn to work yours to your advantage and let the world know that you’re a maverick, a renegade, an independent, an Alpha. Who knew that just a few simple clothing items could send such a powerful message about you? Check out today’s video to find out what they are.

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Clothing with Attitude
[0:00:00] Gentlemen, there are particular clothing pieces
with a lot of attitude. And in today’s video, I’m going to talk
about those particular items the message, the attitude, the signal they send, and why
you should bring them into your wardrobe.
Number one on my list, the power suit. This is a dark-colored suit with a light-colored
shirt preferably in white with a red necktie. This outfit right here, it signals power,
strength, confidence. You will come off as the authority. That’s the attitude it’s setting. And, guys, this has been proven. And there’s a couple of things here. Dark-colored. I’m talking navy, I’m talking charcoal
gray, maybe a medium gray, but once you get in the light gray once you get in the light
blue or you go with other variations other colors, it doesn’t have the same effect. We’re going for the power suit here. Next up, let’s talk about the shirt. What we’re going for is contrast, so the
white shirt this is the classic symbol of the white-collared man. The white-collared man, he doesn’t get his
hands dirty. He’s in a position of power, he’s telling
other people what to do. Now, let’s talk about the neckties. So, neckties in general are great when you’re
giving your presentation because they point to the face to keep people looking at what
you want them to be looking at. But, let’s talk about the color red. So, there’s a classic study of a man reading
a report and one of the parts of the study he’s wearing a red sweater and the other
one a different color and they tested it with a wide range of colors. But, what they found is the red sweater the
red color is what actually got people to believe more of the report. It was – that was the only thing that changed
in the study. So, the color red, again, you wear this, you’re
going to come off as more persuasive and more confident. Next up, let’s talk jewelry and that’s
all about status, it’s all about what you’ve accomplished and who you are. So, one of my favorite movies The Edge. Anthony Hopkins comes back from being in the
wilderness, he had a fight off and he killed this grizzly bear. And what is he wearing when he gets off the
helicopter? He’s wearing that grizzly bear’s claw
right there as a necklace. We wear jewelry all the time to show status. A wedding ring. I was married in Ukrainian Orthodox Church,
so I wear it right here on the right hand. And if you’re maybe an engineer, you know
there’s rings that you can wear for that up in Canada. Watches oftentimes they symbolize what we’ve
accomplished, we keep them. Basically, when we wear these we showed the
world who we are. Now, gentlemen, the watch I’m wearing today
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all about mystery because when you can’t see somebody’s eyes, you’re wondering,
well, who is that person? They say eyes are the mirror to the soul. Well, you can’t see into this guy’s soul,
you’re trying to figure out, okay, who is this person, what’s going on here? That mystery has a sense of sometimes coolness,
but oftentimes it’s just like, ah, who is that person? I want to get to know them better. So, you got a little bit of Hollywood that
plays into this as well. Someone like Casey Neistat or Jack Nicholson
or Tom Cruise in Risky Business. If you’re wearing sunglasses like this,
you are not hiding, you are out there especially if you’re wearing them indoors or you’re
wearing them in a crowd of people that are wearing maybe Aviators or other styles which
really aren’t is attention grabbing. Next up, we’ve got boots. And the attitude here, a working man of means. Let me explain. So, let’s go back and look at the history. So, boots actually were first worn by knights. Why? They needed something that would fit on their
feet that would keep them in the saddle, that’s why on boots you actually got a heel to keep
you right in the saddle. Officers in the military that are riding horses
and boots were still one of the most expensive items that they would own because of the amount
of leather, just the cost of goods that would go into something like this. So, it was seen as something that was only
for the rich, boots in general. Now, boots have now made their way into the
working class, but they still are quality made. [0:05:09]
So now, let me show examples of what I’m talking about. So this boot right here, definitely comes
from a working class kind of background, but it’s a dressier boot. You could wear this with jeans, but it’s
still a very casual boot with a working man heritage. Next up, we’ve got the chelsea boot. The Beatles wore boots like these. And this one right here, it’s dressed up,
but it’s still ready to party. Next up, we’ve got the chukka. This comes from the British desert boot that’s
commissioned by officers actually in the field. They wanted something that gave them a little
bit more ankle support. So, it’s a very casual boot, but still has
a military heritage. Next up, we’ve got the leather jacket and
the attitude here, rebel. Marlon Brando, James Dean, Poe Dameron. Yes, in that Star Wars movie, look at me pass
that leather jacket onto Finn. Finn became a rebel. Guys, leather jackets have that symbol of
rebellion and it’s something that, you know, this one right here, classic motor jacket. I zip it up, it’s for motorcycles kind of
being out on your own. Now, interestingly enough they did some research
on what does leather like symbolize to people and when a lot of people touched it especially
women, they would say it’s very masculine, a very strong fabric. Now, the key with a leather jacket is a great
fit. To get a great fit, buy it with a great fit. This isn’t something that’s easy to adjust. You have to take it to a specialty leather
worker and even then there’s only so much they can do based off of the proportions and
where everything is placed, so I would advice try on a jacket, but unless you really, really
love it, do not buy it. But, if you really love it even if it’s
not on sale, it’s oftentimes worth saving for and buying even at full price. Next up, we’ve got the simple white t-shirt. The attitude here, casual, laid back. I’m like, ah, nothing’s going to bother
me. I am relax in here. Now, you could dress it up, you could throw
a sports jacket on it. Perhaps, but still it’s always going to
be something that is never going to be at the level of something with a collar. But, hey, if it’s your event your company,
you just want to throw in a jacket maybe for a meeting, you can go ahead and do that especially
if you’re a Silicon CEO. Now, a leather jacket I think would look great
with something like this, but remember when you’re looking at good t-shirts, you want
to make sure it fits you, it works for your body type because it’s not going to work
for all body types. But, I would say that in general look at the
neck, is it, okay, with the crew neck, it should be a nice fit here, it should be elastic,
it should stretch right back. Maybe look for a V-neck, that’s actually
going to build up the chest. Look at how it fits you here in the arms. You don’t want it way too loose, otherwise
it’s just going to look baggy and wrong and make sure it’s not going down so low
that it looks like a dress. [Bleeping sound]
All right. Did I blow up your screen with the attitude? Guys, be very careful when you put the combination
together, people are just going to be blown away. Now, seriously have fun with this, find what
works for you. Maybe leather jackets just aren’t going
to be your thing. Maybe the white shirt, nah, it’s not going
to fit your body type. Whatever it may be, guys, actually have fun
with this, but realize that clothing does send the message. One of the items I didn’t talk about, cashmere
sweaters. The message the attitude being sent there
is come touch me. Yes, if you want to attract – let’s say
you’re out on a date, you actually have never actually held hands, touch, or kiss
this woman, perhaps wear a cashmere sweater if the weather, you know, it’s cool enough
that you can do this. But, she’s going to want to touch the sweater. As soon as she touches it, you’ve broken
down a barrier, you’re going to feel much closer and that’s key. So, understand that clothing sends messages,
it’s something that you can control and use to your advantage. [Bleeping sound]
All right, gentlemen. Now, it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What do you think of this video? Agree? Disagree? What would you have added to this video to
make it better? And if you like this, if you found it useful,
please pass it to a man that can use this information. Here at Real Men Real Style, it’s all about
you using style to control the message. That’s what this video was about and it’s
not about you going around and buying a leather jacket or wearing sunglasses, but you understand
every time you put the stuff on, you do send the message. So, make sure you control it. And, guys, if you’re looking for a watch,
go check out Vincero. I’m linking to them down in the description
with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. That’s it, guys. Take care. I will see you in the next video. All right. So, between all of these between my jewelry,
my boots, the sunglasses, the shirt, the jacket, can you feel that power? Oh, yeah, going right through the internet. Do you feel that? Be careful, I don’t want to blow up your
computer or your phone whatever you’re watching this on. Be careful. Feel that power? Yeah, that’s all attitude. [0:09:16] End of Audio

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  1. 6. a white suit (maybe because I own one) with a colored dress shirt
    7. any 3-piece suit with a matching vest
    8. a double-breasted suit with wide, peak lapels, with or without a vest
    9. any double-breasted vest with lapels (especially peak or shawl) and a dress shirt, with or without a suit
    10. in cold weather: a long overcoat such a trench coat over a suit, paired with a felt fedora

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