5 Most Unusual and Beautiful Kids in the World

You must agree that for every person the concept of beauty is completely different. Some admire the big blue eyes, others like only red hair and sometimes a charming smile makes people just crazy. Often from the people who like to philosophize you can hear that each person is beautiful in his or her own way. And in fact, we can’t argue with that. There are many examples in our world when people with an unstandard appearance often achieve success in the world of fashion. And in today’s video we decided to show you this kind of children.

49 thoughts on “5 Most Unusual and Beautiful Kids in the World”

  1. Fuck this video even one is Beautiful 😡 my daughter just watch this video and she said am I beautiful and I said yes you are beautiful but she said that does kids are more beautiful than her

  2. Wow. This is absolutely ridiculous. How are you going to go ahead and say "these kids are so beautiful! Look at their perfect skin and blonde hair and just look at their eyes!" Without feeling guilt? Do you know how many people are insecure about their looks and saw this? They will think that they aren't beautiful, thanks to this ridiculous video. To me, compliments mean nothing. Because very few people get them, and compliments are mostly based on your beauty. Ugly or pretty is not a word for the outside of you, me, or anyone living on this planet I like to call earth. It is a word for the inside of us.I'm not pretty. I'm not ugly. I'm not attractive. I'm not unattractive. Its what the inside that counts, not the outside.

    If anyone who has read this comment to the very bottom and feels insecure about themselves, don't be. Nobody cares what you're doing or what you look like. Don't let this video that was stupid to be made hold you down. The truth is, everyone is too busy to care about what other people think than watching what other people do. That's why you should stand up to the crowd that's always being complimented with compliments like "pretty, astounding, beautiful" and say, "im beautiful too, but on the inside. There's no such thing as being beautiful on the outside, neither is there ugly." With that being said, enjoy your life. Don't waste it on caring what other people think of you and think that you're ugly. Because you're beautiful, on the inside and the outside, to me. Have a great summer, everyone. It won't last.

  3. Dont judge others no matter how they look if they have a condition help them not too laugh and bully them everybody is beautiful just the way you are dont listen to bullys if they say your ugly if there teaming up that you ugly then there is still ppl who is aupporting you like your family your friends and more and especcially jesus dont do suicide just beacuase of those bullys cuz there are still ppl who is supporting you the end

  4. I am literally crying watching this!!!! I am a twin and have A LOT of friends and can't stand how your saying this!!! please say that all twins are beautiful the way they are. I'm not trying to be rude!!! your very sad friend Addy.

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