5 EASY FALL OUTFITS Feat. The Puffer Vest (Gilet) | Men's Fashion & Style Inspiration

The men’s puffer vest hasn’t always been a popular choice. It fell out of style for a little while, but has reemerged as a fashion favorite among sartorial minded men.

A puffer vest — padded vest, casual vest, down vest, vest jacket, gilet  — whatever you want to call it, is my favorite layering piece for the fall and spring seasons.

For when it’s not yet frigid and no longer scorching, the vest can help to regulate your body temperature for added warmth — and keep you feeling comfortable, cool and stylish (if worn correctly that is).


The key to rocking a vest without looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is to keep the vest light and slim. This ensures a more streamlined, tailored look that’s much easier to dress up or dress down.

I personally prefer wearing a light padded vest; however when the weather gets colder — a thicker, puffier vest works well as long as the principle of tailoring is still in effect. Simply put, if your vest doesn’t appear tailored to your body, you’re going to appear sloppy.

In all of these looks you’ll notice a common theme of layering which is what fall style is all about.

As promised, here’s the link for additional puffer vest styling inspiration this fall.

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LOOK 1: The Streamlined Silhouette

• Light Padded Vest:
• Gray Sweatshirt:
• Moc-Toe Boots: (similar)
• Dark Jeans:
• Watch:
• Watch Strap:
• Coat: Discontinued

LOOK 2: The Monochrome

• Light Padded Vest:
• Comfort Blazer:
• Shoes: (similar)
• Corduroy Pants:
• Watch:

LOOK 3: The Dressed Vest

• Light Padded Vest:
• Shawl Collar Cardigan: (similar)
• Button Up Shirt:
• Dress Boots:
• Dark Wash Jeans:
• Minimalist Watch:
• Silk Knit Tie:

LOOK 4: The Two Tone

• Ultra Light Down Vest:
• Turtleneck Sweater: (similar)
• Button Down Chambray Shirt: (similar)
• Chukka Boots: (similar)
• Khakis:
• Field Watch:
• Suede Watch Strap:

LOOK 5: The Outdoorsman

• Ultra Light Down Vest:
• Fleece Jacket: (similar)
• T-Shirt:
• Hiking Shoes:
• Joggers: (similar)
• Watch:
• Hiking Backpack:

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what's up guys it's quote from gentlemen within a channel dedicated to helping men dress better and feel their best and in this video I've styled five fall outfits featuring the puffer vest so the men's puffer vest hasn't always been a popular choice it kind of fell out of fashion for a little while but a since reemerged as a fashion favorite so the puffer vest padded vest casual vest vest jacket down vest whatever you want to call it is my favorite layering piece for the spring and fall seasons and for good reason from when it's not frigid yet or when it's no longer scorching the vest can help to regulate your body temperature for added warmth keep you feeling comfortable cool and stylish if you rock it the right way but first before we jump in I have additional styling inspiration featuring myself and some other guys over my blog so definitely check that out I'll link that up there for you guys the description below the key to rockin a vest without looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is to keep the vest light and slim this is going to ensure a more streamlined and tailored look that lends itself to being either dressed up or down I personally like to wear a light padded vest in the fall time however when the weather begins to dip and starts getting much colder a thicker puffier vest works well as long as the principle of tailoring is still in effect simply put if your vest doesn't appear tailored to your body you're going to appear sloppy and so in all five of these looks are going to notice a common theme of layering and that is a key component of any fault getup so without further ado here are five ways to Rock the puffer vest in style this fall season look one the streamlined silhouette the first look featuring the puffer vest is this quilted Navy light padded vest dark indigo wash jeans gray sweatshirt and lightweight Brown mock toe boots combination throw on the light coat as an additional piece of outerwear if the weather calls for it don't need the jacket then that's fine too as this look works well both with or without the car coat why it works this getup works because the overall silhouette is trim and tailored the gray sweatshirt is fitted as well as the Navy down vest the dark wash denim is slim fit along with the Navy car coat which makes for an overall streamlined look additionally the field watch is a rugged piece notice that I've swapped out the original haul of canvas strap for the clean race weed custom strap finally the brown muck toe boots have a split refined aesthetic that looks clean and works well with this fitted look look to the monochrome the second casual vest style features the same vest is the first look but instead of Navy we're going black it's a monochrome look from head to toe with the black wingtip brogues charcoal gray corduroy pants dark grey comfort blazer and all black resin strap watch only the shirt is a different shade of grey which stands out slightly from the rest of the look but remains neutral enough to stay within the monochrome color palette why it works the monochrome look works because it's smart and casual to the core leaning a bit more on the casual end some of my favorite styles are half and half blend of rugged and refined aesthetic coming together the Blazer and navy button-down shirt dresses things up a bit while the corduroy pants black or vest and black wingtips with a loved sole dress things down this creates a nice harmony and a look that doesn't scream instead it whispers between the lines look three the dressed vest similar to look one and the third look features the same casual vest and may be paired with slim fit jeans it's more daring than the first look because I've thrown on a silk knit tie with a cutaway collared button-up shirt layered over top is a thick woollen shawl collar cardigan with the padded vest as a top of layer I love the wingtip dress boots and minimalist dial dress swatch with the silver mesh strap for this get up there all complementary pieces in my opinion why it works I personally feel it works because a knitted tie is slightly more casual than a regular silk tie plus the addition of the brown wingtip dress boots and medallion brogue II helps to classy things up a little bit if you follow gentlemen within for a while now then you know that I love a crisp pair of dark wash jeans their versatility is unmatched and it's primed to be dressed up in this case with dress boots a necktie button-up and sweater look for the two-tone one of my favorite color pairings is brown and blue and so this entire look revolves around these wonderful earth tones which are the fall seasons perfect accompaniment down low I'm wearing navy chukka boots and up top I've layered a tan turtleneck or Roll neck sweater underneath a chambray button-down shirt and a light down vest the light tan chinos paired perfectly with a darker shade sweet watchstrap and jumper why it works as I already mentioned brown and blue make for a harmonious two layering is key here as with all the other looks these are light layers and so it's ideal for a cool fall around fifty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit it's a casually refined look that makes great use of the Down Vest as a top layer look five the outdoorsman finally the fifth and final look features the outdoor vest it's more functional of anything these are fall fabrics that I'd wear to go on a brisk hike up to the Poconos in the fall season I've layered the puffer vest underneath a fleece jacket with a navy and orange color blocking for the pants I've gone with wind resistant joggers I wore gray and lime-green hiking sneakers and a green hiking backpack with a two liter water supply and a rain jacket compartment just in case why it works the last look works first because function of reform although in my opinion this is a stylish hikers getup – and it started to heat up which it often does on a long hike you can remove the fleece and keep trekking with the dry fit t-shirt and light puffer vest the colors of orange green and blue not only work well together but are great for visibility you can never be too careful when you're out there and wearing bright colors may very well save your life there you have it hope you guys like this video on styling the puffer down casual vest jacket whatever you want to call it the Gil a and so yeah if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up if you are new here please consider subscribing put out new videos like this weekly that's all I got for this video cheers to your style and I will catch you on the next one peace

12 thoughts on “5 EASY FALL OUTFITS Feat. The Puffer Vest (Gilet) | Men's Fashion & Style Inspiration”

  1. thanks for sharing your ideas again Khoi. def diggin looking #4 esp with the turtle neck. As always, hair is on point. If you dont mind me asking, what kind of cut did you get?

  2. Hey gents, I hope you liked this video on styling the puffer vest. A subscriber recently asked for this and so here it is. Which of these 5 fall looks is your kind of style?

    Also, can anyone see the live chat replay? I saw a few messages there during the premier, but when I check it now, nothing's there.

  3. I've been a big fan of how you style vests (and turtlenecks) for a few seasons now and yet I have not pulled the trigger on either. What am I waiting for? IDK!?
    For some ridiculous reason, I hold a lot of resentment towards coats with faux fleece or down puffer strip in the middle that's sometimes removable. I prefer to layer 2 separate and complete pieces. It's not too difficult and shows that I put some thought and effort into my outfit. Plus there's the huge versatility of wearing the mid layer separately.

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