45 Beauty Secrets in 5 Minutes—Here’s Everything We Learned in 2017 | Vogue

There was Kendall and Drew and Miranda​, Chaka and Paloma​ and Hari and Valentina​. A fresh-faced gang of top models and celebrities threw open their powder room doors and revealed their most sacred hair, makeup, and skin rituals for Vogue in 2017. Some are stolen from their mothers, like Priyanka Chopra’s all-natural, homemade lip scrub from India ​, and some look, at first glance, just a little bit crazy (see Cassie’s 10-second smoky eye trick​ or ​model Grace Hartzel’s Friday the 13th sheet mask​). The common denominator? It’s all in the name of beauty.

That’s why, to close out the year, we’ve assembled a visual cheat sheet of their greatest hits. There are face misters, jade rollers, moisturizers, and foundations. Contour powders, curl creams, face oils, and concealers. But beyond every product was a brilliant trick worth stealing. A few of our favorites? A dark brown mascara doubles as brow gel​, ​and a rosy lipstick, blended onto the apples of the cheeks, provides the perfect I-just-came-in-from-the-cold flush.

Chapped lips are no match for these skilled pros: Just ask Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver​, who scrubs her lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate and plump. Other gems worth remembering: Highlighter is the new lipliner, and the best hair serum may not be hair serum at all. “I feel like it creates some sort of vibe,” says sex columnist and Viceland host Karley Sciortino ​of her unconventional go-to product, plucked from a bedroom side table. Anything to get the job done—because as the legendary Chaka Khan knows, the secret to achieving icon status is simple: “Always look your best.”

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45 Beauty Secrets in 5 Minutes—Here’s Everything We Learned in 2017 | Vogue
I'm Kendall was a good family hi everyone hi guys hey what's up guys true okay guys see men hello hey guys I'm Logan oh hey what are you doing in my bathroom I everyday makeup for you guys always want to start with clean hands no matter what I start always with a clean thanks getting it all scrubbed down maybe there are water just to clean it out so I always wanted like kind of like a puppet keep puffing to move those dangling nightmare wrinkles I like to actually lift a little hair I'd love to do i musk before I start the makeup I love myself when I look weird it looks really scary a little bit of oil three little drops do this kind of movement push this points here to bring the water really down its hydrated this is what I do BB cream primer you see then I'm on to like foundation I love this George Romani's if it is hard to find my shade so I have found a perfect concoction kind of go around everywhere I'm more likely at a contour if I have a turban because there's so much more emphasis on the face I'm obsessed with this Tom Ford illuminate and shade contour kit I'm using this Tom Ford a nice little compact c2 highlighter and I literally put so much of it that you could see here basically has earth glow no I'm just kidding Krispy Kreme Cleese Dunkin donut that's kitty when the Sun hits a woman or any face it is you here here here heavy my mom I always just put a little bit of my lipstick on my cheeks like a morganite it looks a little crazy bear with me smokey look had I thought so I use this to just brighten the eye i apply this one from the inner corner going outwards i just got right in there so so you can see where my eyes begin and in there's so much mascara on there so I take a lot of that off in there I always feel like I want to say that the mascara tube don't worry I can handle it just give it to me baby it's really hard to make pretty faces I do this during the day I only like to apply mascara on the top because throughout the day if you applied under it'll start to fall I like to use mascara to do my brows this is my bad brow it always gives me trouble when I was like 14 believe it totally flips them all off on the line so we're gonna do a lip scrub as you can tell lamps are one of my more prominent features I love to brush my lips there's always a little bit of a dead skin on them and I also kind of like pops them up I'm obsessed with lipsticks you see how the highlighter I throw on earlier really helps intensify lip I've always loved the idea of like people to have like pushy let them separate our lips and take out fully put lipstick oh and I like take it I like dab it and then i debit looks like a charity estate now to help set everything so what you want to do just throw yourself and don't want to look too thirsty just bless me can't put too much because it's one of those when the flash hits it just goes like what you don't want to step on a carpet Oh shiny I use move in my hair I feel like it creates some sort of like vibe like people can like smell it or something pull it apart and I flip and I shake kind of go like this this has been really fun and then see every day cool we're all done here I I'm gonna just go off into the night maybe I'll fall in love love you all maybe I'll fall in a dumpster kind of give yourself a little look tell yourself you're fantastic and always look your best

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  1. All beautiful women! sheet masks are a MUST!so glad I started using them a while ago. recently invested into Foreo UFO (call me crazy) but it's the coolest thing I have used. Done and done in 90 seconds!

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