4 Tips for Going Grey in Style from a Celebrity Stylist

For some women, going grey is a stressful process… for others, it is liberating! But, regardless of how you view the process of going grey, you probably want to look your best along the way.

In today’s interview, Denise McAdam, a celebrity stylist who has worked with celebrities, business leaders and even royalty, shares her top tips for going grey in style. I hope that you enjoy our conversation!

If you have been waiting for definitive advice from a true expert for how to transition to a new stylish silver look, this interview is for you!

Are you going grey? What are you doing to make the process of transitioning to grey hair as stress free and stylish as possible? What did you think of Denise’s advice for going grey in style? Let’s have a chat!

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hi everyone its mark Manning here welcome to 60 and me this is the place where women who are aging beautifully come to be inspired my guest today is Denise macadam Denise is a very well-known hairdresser in the United Kingdom she's been doing her magic for about 40 years now and she has really worked with some incredible people celebrities and the royal family in the UK denise has a special award actually in the UK from the Queen herself it's the Royal Victorian medal which means she's been working with the royal family and has their appreciation and thanks I think it's a huge honor so thank you so much for being here Denise you're welcome lovely to join you it's been a while we talked about a year ago and I've got some more questions for you and I just wanted people to know how just experienced you are in this area so so thanks for your your input well as you know 60 is a difficult age on many levels for women and our community is facing that big question of how do I transition from my beautiful dark brown black blond hair to gray and what I love you to help us here give us some destinies on how you can make that transition in style yeah well often and and you know a lot of people will have been coloring their hair possibly or the fusilli or first or degree here and it starts to color maybe was selling parents and then they've gone on to low light stroke highlights you know and over the years their own natural hair color is slightly changed or you've stayed true to your own coloring and your you know you're in between salt and pepper and a bit gray and it's often the thing about it is is you see what people have to remember it's the skin tones changing so if you've been constantly coloring to see the depth you were in your 20s and the time you reach 60 your skin to immerse change so much yeah and the hair color is actually starts to not be as flattering so when we say to people look in the word embrace degree take on the gray in fact I'm a lady the other day say you should just let it go it's just such a scream I don't do that roaming on old would find me attractive I just actually you've already find you more attractive but it's that how do I do it I think there's the fit question and that is where it's actually not as difficult as you think okay so I love that you made that little screen because I do think a lot of people feel very visceral about it very emotional about it and they do attach themselves to the 20 30 year old woman who you know there's no this not there anymore but you're right about skin color so as you get older the gray really kind of goes with what you're evolving or transitioning into and it's interesting what you said you know on that but the 30 40 year-old women have got the twenty-third sheet over them you know he might have women there are no fifties sixties and Beyond did bring in a picture of a hairstyle when they were 25 to 30 and how they'd like to go back to that hairstyle and you you literally had to swallow anything okay however am I gonna tell you this diplomatic that girl was fabulous you embraced her then but you're not her now you're this new person with Jack Empire as well I love that I mean you're actually having to be half psychologist don't you as a hairdresser these days hundred-percent psychologist and it's true because it's very emotional being making that transition even from 60-plus so what do we do I mean you mentioned hair style I mean I suppose keeping your hair in good shape and having it trimmed that's part of the an item I think you know having your hair cut is a really important thing because it keeps the end it's lovely and he'll say you know if you if you've got silver in your house or a lovely wooden cabinet you polish it every week because it just looks sparkly and fresh if you don't take the ends off your hair even if you're growing your hair we want to stay the same you just have a thing called dusting till the ends off it just to polish up again and polished here it does look better in you know the problem one has the gray hair or white here that it is is is shiny your finds always a problem so okay so trimming your hair regularly getting that done and then keeping it polished I love that expression but how do you polish hair what's your what your techniques Denise well there's a fusing to see keeping it trimmed is is one of things and maybe using see atoms but not maybe using them as the young would maybe use them and there is using them slightly later turn off your flashlight in it's your head not maybe taking them right through the roots Elaine's just maybe dusting through the top that's the over your hair and even just spraying on chair here and just kind of doing this see then you move into the year so you're not it's not a solid you know yeah here is its no to two layers so it's it can't be heavy so you don't want a heavy product you want anything heavy so what is that what products in your experience would you recommend me can you give us a couple of examples of these I'm very fond of joy cool which it's a great it's a great main just amazing range and they have to some blot lovely blonde shampoos but it sounds a bit strange but they're great for someone with a green here because the thing with green here start white in here I need the word Greeks it is actually white here he picks up the atmosphere so quickly yes that's all quite quickly through using a blonde shampoo and something it just opens the cuticle a little and just put a bit of sparkle back in it's always a good idea and also pendrive time to observe a tiger just some that's a key msy need to remember the name and give it to you okay quite a new product okay a great room which is lovely cuz this is a slightly wetter and dry shampoo but it really just gives body into the roots but you don't feel clammy or feel dirty it still feels healthy and shiny health of course and eating within the recommendation you made it was a joy Co is that a u.s. brand or UK brand I've never actually gonna catch me out no because I is it Jo why like joy curly or icy cool okay okay we'll find it okay I think it's actually I think mainly Swedish okay I actually and I actually picked one up at this drop it was a well a product it was called Lux oil love you and I and it's funny just before we came on that I did exactly what you must have been channeling you there Denise because I loved it in my hands I just like that because I my hair like like you say it's quite dry yeah it does get a little bit dryer but with coloring I mean one of the great things is if you've colored quite strongly so you want to get these roots that come in a nice a bit of a traumatic stage so that's where you maybe have to go for a slightly different hairstyle that's slightly more layered even your graduation lets you take me along the length and ends but not going sure you go into a different look for a short time and then what you could do is get your hairdresser to put in some more lights so start in with oils do you do Falls or the color of the roots she starts me Clayton degree comes through with the dark okay you back you answered the question in a really beautiful way because what you said is number one get you know trim your hair and keep it healthy but then look at ways of transitioning my mood that's what we're talking about here while using these low lights the same color as the roots just to soften the process yeah absolutely I'm not girlfriend actually doing it right now and she's 63 and she's you know she's a strong woman she's a businesswoman in fact she's a woman that's just changed careers into interiors so she's all about color and always very stylish but suddenly facing this year that she just doesn't know what to do so what we've done is we're allowing the air to come through we've layered it more which is something very unusual for her because she's been a sharp bob all her life but you will go back to so we've layered it slightly more a little bit softer and then put some funky colors to the front something a little bit different but paint clearly this roots happening and you can and then some lowlights in here so it's actually coming in really beautifully and it's probably I'd say probably about fair periods where it might be one more layered haircut and she's going to have this lovely Greek color but then she's going to start having highlights some highlights in too just to give the gray a little bit of sparkle because if you still got quite a lot black in there so you get that salt-and-pepper loop yes I had something in it to give it a bit more depth so it looks flat a lot of people say this nice I'm really happy that you mentioned this color this highlights and lowlights because a lot of people say oh well if my hair my gray hair came in like this model or like this picture I wouldn't have any problem but my hair is wiry and it's it's you know black salt and pepper it's not add attractive color so you have to work with someone like you that can you know giving advice yeah and finding a great colorist you know get confidence in the colors and a colorist it doesn't just want to color all them once to actually wants to do the transition with you you know and you know tops of my skin tone but we think when you do that do think about the colors that you wear as well right if that I've thought as well your lipstick your eyeshadow kisses didn't change New York change lipstick change eye shadow obviously that's re Anne's area then no area and I talked about this quite a bit when we do our videos and I'm really happy that you mentioned that so I think we've got some really good ideas here we've got no keeping the hair trimmed in it maybe going for a bit of a bob using low lights and highlights yeah what you I guess your health in general keeping healthy there's a common 2% here I mean here is the barometer to your body no it really does tell the story and you know if you don't keep here you've got to keep your hair healthy so yeah buy healthy eating by supplements we just mentioned water water no I knew I should drink more of entrepreneur just great for your skin and you're here because it keeps our hydrated and it really does here is something it if you took a supplement from here you know then they may say you'll get an effect after three months but we all know it's gonna be more like six months mm-hmm you know you really need to think about the vitamins and the antioxidants and the nutrients and the b6 and the be ones that you do take your hair because hair is dead here is dead the minute it heats your scalp so we're keeping we're keeping it healthy and the heel is coming in in and through the scalp you want that to be healthy as well so it needs a great blood supply so it comes to the next one which is really important as one gets older is exercise yes I may be more yeah okay I'm an advocate for that and I need to keep that on myself because I have something I'm not doing enough up walking my dogs every day is just not quite enough I need to do a little bit more cardiovascular all right so we'll work on this together because you're not that denisa tool by the way so let me go back one second before we close on those vitamins you mentioned because I don't want to people to miss what were the ones you said was it b12 you senses biting you can get nice you can get bitter scale to a nice complication imaging you're an amazing hair and nails yes Imogen I know I've heard of I'm a big fan of imaging which is a little bit more towards the near loss of the year thinning area I kind of brought up by the way but I'm much more true the Truvia the scale the one that you'd buy in a hair salon because it's an it's got a very high amount of bitey but that's something when you discuss in here yeah for sure I mean I'm by the way at least does work with a lot of brands and so we're I mean everything she recommends our companies that she knows very well I mean they come to her to ask for her advice and so I'm really happy that you to mention these names because you know you make your own choices of course and take your own recommendation from the people you trust but but it's really great to have you as our resident expert here today your skin you should be moisturizing in here it makes sense okay we've got lots more to talk about in other videos but this is a good start on how to transition from gray hair so thanks so much Denise hi everyone if you enjoyed this video please consider supporting me on patreon our patreon supporters help us to make a bigger difference in the lives of women over 60 all around the world they get exclusive videos live video shows discounts and much more so please look for the link on this page it is somewhere down here up there and join our tribe of women in our sixty and mid community who are actually making a big difference in the world challenging aging stereotypes so thank you so much for your support

19 thoughts on “4 Tips for Going Grey in Style from a Celebrity Stylist”

  1. For anyone like to go gray, There is no other way. The best is to wait for 4 months then cut the hair shortcut and it will grow back.I found out this is the easiest way to go through transactions. If likes to keep it long , keep cutting it every 4,months until is all hair grown. Yes it is going to be a mess and challenge. People say things Stay strong. It is a mistake to color or highlight so can go through this.

  2. You are beautiful and so upbeat! Just subscribed -happy to be part of your tribe! I am 58, have waist length hair and my white stripe from high school has taken over my whole head. The bottom was brown, top silver, with few remaining stripes of brown. The last dye job I had I asked them to pull bottom color up through the nearly straight line of where I stopped dying, in only stripes, and created a beautiful transition area. Constant compliments. Had always asked (mistakenly) to blend brown gradually into grey and they would dye all grey away -four salons later I painted a picture of how I wanted dye painted on -Voila -perfection. I helps that grey is having a moment so they dont automatically think we want to eliminate it! Next thinking of trying conditioners from Ulta that are pink, coral, etc. They leave hair healthy with temporary color. Bit frightened tho!

  3. I’m just not ready for gray hair yet. My roots are white in the front and gray in the back….I would still be a slave to the hair salon just to make it not look crazy! Many women look very stylish with their short gray hair, especially the ones that went gray prematurely, but some just look old beyond their years. Maybe I’ll just get a Zsa Zsa Gabor wig when I become too old or sick to get my hair colored! Lol 👵🏻

  4. I see heaps of groovy women in the city with silver hair and the best styles are short and a bit choppy and messed on top with products. The money you save on colouring will go on keeping your style in shape! Then, you have to complete the look with excellent glasses (if you wear them), nice lippy and sharp clothes. They look much younger than women who cling to their dyed, lank hair.

  5. Thank goddess I never stared coloring my hair. My grey hair stared coming in when I was in my 20s. I started thinking about color, asking questions and price. I wore my hair long and back no bangs. So when I found cost, combined with how fast my hair grew, I would have had to be doing roots every 2-3 weeks. That was enough for me to restrain from even starting. I was ok with that, especially when the grey evened out, because 20s-30s I was more grey on the right side of my head. 😉

  6. I started a year and a half ago, unfortunately, with a young hair stylist who had no experience with a brunette to natural transition. Her first highlights were just blond and looked yellow against my widening white roots. Looked awful. She looked confused when I requested low lights. My friend had her whole head bleached at once in foils and then glazed with a gray shade. Her result was fantastic. Mine has been a painful experience and my hair is still pretty dry and fragile at the ends. Thankfully, I only have 2-3 inches to go in the back, it's still blonde back there. (It's been fully bleached twice to lift the brown dye.) The best part is my natural colors are gorgeous. What a surprise. I live in a rural community where hairstylists are not that plentiful and I had no recommendations to go on.

  7. I transitioned to grey 3 years ago..salt and pepper and let it grow..I love it..I can do so many things with it…I don't believe all of us older women need to wear short hair!!..but grey requires more color on the lips….and dressing a bit more creatively helps..I appreciate this womans knowledge..this has also saved me money at the hairdresser!!

  8. I dyed my hair for years, then was getting tired of the skunk strip at the roots, so my hairdresser dyed my hair(, through the old fashioned streaking, with the bonnet and crochet hook) white, it wasn't bleached but died, I loved it !! White suits my skin tone better than the grey, but it transitioned really nicely… want to do the white again, but for now I'm all grey and cut very short.

  9. Wigs were my answer. Wigs covered my white roots as I let it all grow out. I started with auburn color wigs, then transitioned to blond wigs. Then very light platinum wigs, and finally to white wigs that matched my real bio hair. I worked so it was not an option to walk around for a year with half white and half dyed hair. Wigs let you look groomed while transitioning.

  10. Just had a trim on my longer gray hair. Another issue I have is thinning near the front of my scalp. As u said on an earlier video it’s important to accept yourself for what actually is.

  11. Thanks! This is great information. Check out Deb Arndt's transition to gray videos on YouTube as well. Her technique includes continuing to dye the part and part your hair in a certain way until a lot of the white is in. This sounds strange but it really works. I'm still in the "pondering stage" myself.

  12. Good timing! I stopped adding semipermanent colour a few months ago. I did not start colouring until my early 50s and when I look at pre-colour days, I realized that colouring was getting darker and far from my auburn red. My hair has always been my distinguishing feature and hence, I was more concerned about losing that feature. My challenge is the style. I am growing out my pixie and wondering what’s a current style vs my hair’s natural short crop which is a throw back to my 40s.

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