00:56 Easy DIY jeans pillow
01:36 Clever zipper trick
06:11 Cute little flower
09:12 Brilliant needle hack
15:17 Fix your old jeans

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47 thoughts on “22 GREAT SEWING TRICKS”

  1. What did the woman who sewed up the side of her too wide skirt do about the hem? Wouldn't you have to open the hem and take in it's width, too? And then you would re-hem that area?

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  3. the editing makes these 'life hacks' look way simpler and much easier than they really are unless you are an experienced and WELL SEASONED tailor or seamstress whose been sewing for YEARS

  4. I raise the neckline on my t-shirts by going to the shoulder seam, turned inside out. Try to cut the threads that keep the neckline seam down. It is easier to sew the seam.Decide how much much higher you want the neckline. Start at the neck & sew towards the sleeve opening. I gradually sew the seam like you would a dart so the original seam is matched. I do Try to go on top & sew the new seam width with a top stitch if I can. I also zigzag the new seam to keep it from raveling.

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