15 BEST DESIGNER BAGS WORTH THE INVESTMENT! This was such a fun video to film – you guys know I love a good handbag!!! These 15 fabulous bags are worth your investment, if you love it of course. I’ve linked everything below (both new & preloved)…I hope you enjoy 🙂

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hi guys welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be talking about the top 15 best designer handbags that I personally think are worth the investment throughout this video I'll be inserting pictures of every bag that I talked about if I happen to have the bag myself then I'll obviously be showing you the real thing and then down below in the description box I'll be linking brand-new versions and pre-loved versions of every single bag so be sure to check that out because I do spend a lot of time linking and finding the best deals for you guys as I go along in this video I'm going to be starting off with the very obvious ones the ones that everybody always talks about and then as I go along I'll be showcasing some ones you may or may not expect one thing I do want to point out as I go along this entire video obviously if you try to sell a bag in terrible condition that will contribute to the price that you're going to get I'm sure many of you know that already but I just wanted to kind of put that out there regardless though I really hope you enjoy this video if you are a handbag lover like myself then I would love to have you back if you're not already subscribed I do make lots of videos on fashion and style and I like to incorporate high end with low end so if that's your cup of tea then again I would love to have you back already so I'm gonna start off with the very first handbag and this is the cream of the crop this is the most elite bag in all of the world and you guys can probably guess what it is and what it is is their Hermes Birkin this bag was inspired by Jane Birkin who is a French style icon but regarding the investment of the handbag there have been many studies done proving that this particular handbag is actually a better investment than gold sometimes even housing and it's way less risky than stocks the value of a Birkin increases by at least fourteen percent every single year now on the retail price of this bag brand-new and this is the kicker this is where it gets crazy the retail price is between twelve thousand all the way up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars depending on the leathers how exotic it is etc and then resale prices can be upwards of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars now obviously not every single bag is going to resale for that but in June 2017 in Hong Kong and Hermes Birkin did resale for three hundred and seventy nine thousand two hundred and sixty one dollars and that was at an auction so it did become the world's most expensive handbag now the reason the resale value and the demand and the value of the bag just continually Rises is because of the way Hermes produces the bag they keep it under lock and key you can't just go into a store like an Hermes store and just get a Birkin like that's just not how it works there used to be a list that was about six years long to get the bag they actually did away with that list now I believe and basically you just kind of have to know somebody you just have to get lucky there's so many stories out there of people trying to get that bag so they really really limit the production of that bag which makes the resale value just skyrocket number two is the Hermes Kelly so we're staying with this fashion house because this is the second most popular bag for that designer it was first introduced in 1935 it was renamed in 1956 after the american-born actress Grace Kelly because apparently she did carry it everywhere it has quickly become another style icon and the fashion and handbag industry and very similar to the Birkin there is only one craftsman who spends between 18 and 24 hours actually making the bag by hand so there's nobody else that touches the bag one person makes the bag from start to finish which again just contributes to the overall quality and just amazing craftsmanship of the bag brand-new it usually retails between 8,000 and 13,000 it can go way higher than that depending on the leathers and the sizing and everything but the reason it is such a good investment is because the resale is usually at least twice that amount so again even though the initial price is crazy high it can in fact be a really good investment number three is the Chanel flap so there have been so many evolutions and different configurations of the Chanel flap so it started off with Coco Chanel introducing the first one in 1955 Karl Lagerfeld actually redesigned the classic Chanel flap that many people love today and that was introduced in 1983 and then there was the Chanel reissue which is kind of a reflection on the original flap so basically for this category I am just including the Chanel flap in all its glory no matter what Chanel flap you buy it is an amazing investment as a general rule I would say the more neutral or classic colors like nude and black they have the best resale value whereas the bright more fun colors they usually don't sell as well but regardless there's very little risk in investing in a Chanel flat bag so when it first hit shelves in 1955 I believe the handbag cost around 220 dollars by 1990 it was well over $1100 and now as of May 2008 een the price of a Chanel flap a Chanel jumbo which is the classic size that most people do really like I mean people like at larger people like a smaller but average I would say the Jumbo is the most popular and it retails for five thousand nine hundred dollars so with taxes that's well over six thousand dollars so it started off at $200 all the way now up to almost six thousand that is an amazing return on investment this is my Chanel jumbo it's in Black Caviar I purchased it for $4,000 so I've already made a very strong profit number four is the Chanel boy bag now this is a beautiful bag that is very practical it has a design mix between masculine and feminine so it was released in 2011 and the medium-sized started at $2,500 and now in May of 2018 it now retails for $5,200 so that is a huge jump in the price tag and people are so willing to pay it it retains at least a 90 percent resale value so what that means is not only is it an amazing bag but it's an amazing investment if you love the bag and take good care of it number five is the Louis Vuitton speedy in 1965 Audrey Hepburn actually requested of Louie Vuitton to design a handbag that kind of mimicked the Louie Vuitton keep ball which was the duffle bag that Louboutin is very very famous for she loved the key ball but she wanted something that she could carry around every day so they designed what is in my opinion the very most classic and well-loved handbags of all time this is the size 30 and I have mine JAAA been and then i have mine in the azure to this is the size 25 however I would say the very most classic is the monogram it does now retail for around $1400 totally depending on the size and the canvas or the leather that you want there are so many variations of this bag because again it is like the most classic and iconic bag in my opinion like of history almost all Louis Vuitton handbags have a wonderful resale value and I would argue that the speedy is probably the best you will always be able to resell this bag and if it's in really good condition you'll probably be able to get your money back moving right along to the next iconic Louis Vuitton handbag which is the never full this bag has been around since 2007 so honestly it hasn't even been around that long but it's quickly become one of Louboutins best-selling bags it's simple it's clean it's a very classic tote it's unbelievably strong and durable it's perfect for everyday it's perfect for traveling it's perfect for work this bag does start around $1,300 so you know for a designer handbag that is pretty good again it totally depends on the size the canvas and the leather everything that you're going for not to mention again the resale value is amazing there will always be somebody out there that will buy this bag from you so if you don't like it for whatever reason somebody is willing to take it off your hands number seven is Christian Dior's lady Dior this bag was released in 1995 and it was nicknamed after Princess Diana because she loved it so much she was seen wearing this bag and carrying this bag in so many different colors and different sizes she just loved it many people would probably disagree with me choosing this bag to be on this list because the resale value is not as good as some of the other bags that are going to be on this list however in recent years it has increased in value by 15% which is a really big jump and that is because it has increased in popularity it's made a huge comeback in recent years people are loving the classic design the functionality of the bag and that is why I don't think it's a bad idea to invest in this bag eight is the low wave a puzzle bag if you are a real hand bag connoisseur then you know exactly what bag I am talking about this was designed by Jonathan Anderson and he really wanted to introduce a bag that was extremely useful but very soft and very pliable I actually read somewhere that he felt like he was taking a big risk when he introduced this bag because at the time the only really popular bags were very hard very structured bag and this one is so squishy so comfortable the leather I've heard is phenomenal so as soon as I go to Vegas like in a month I am be lining to hopefully find a low wave a puzzle bag so I can kind of get my hands on it and really feel it for myself so I've decided to include it on this list because I do think it's a wonderful investment because this is a bag that it's not just going to sit on your shelf you're going to use it and that makes it worth it number nine is G Vaughn cheese and tagging E some people say anti gun but this bag is fairly new as well and it was first introduced by Givenchy in the fall winter 2011 collection but it's quickly become a best-seller and a very well-loved bag it's clean it's simple it's practical it fits so much stuff like when they say it fits everything in the kitchen sink like that is true it fits your laptop your wallet your work essentials and umbrella a lot but it's also very versatile and the fact that you can wear a top handle but you can also wear it over your shoulder because it comes with a long strap it does retail between around 2,300 2,400 dollars but the reason I think it is worth the investment if you love it is because of the classic and timeless style I could see a woman in her 20s her 30s her 40s maybe even your grandmother wearing and loving this bag it's not going out of style and it is loved by so many number 10 is seller McCartney's a Falabella this debuted in 2009 and ranges between around $700 to $1,000 now the reason that I wanted to include this bag on this list it's actually for a different reason Stella McCartney is very eco friendly she's actually the daughter of Paul McCartney loved the Beatles I am such a huge Beatles fan so I just love her regardless but she is extremely animal friendly that is such a passion of hers so none of the bags like zero bags are made from anything regarding animals like the leather it's all synthetic actually there's no PVC in them but it's all synthetic leather many would argue that oh my gosh like this isn't even a leather bag why would I spend hundreds of dollars on this bag but the reason I personally think you know it is a good investment is because it's very recognizable yet somehow it is still understated and it's actually not really copied that much out there either I don't personally have it myself but I love the bag I love the design I've tried it on a million times I really might get one in the future I'm not really sure but I do think it's worth the investment for anybody out there that really does appreciate the brand's dedication to animal friendliness number 11 is the Gucci Dionysus this bag was inspired by the myth and legend Dionysus and it was designed by Gucci's brand new creative director guess he's not quite brand new anymore but he has been insanely successful and that would be Alessandro makayley he has brought such amazing design and success to this brand like it blows my mind but this bag to me is just an amazing investment because not only does it reflect the old Gucci but it also reflects the new Gucci it's just a mix between both worlds and it's just done so beautifully because of the extreme popularity of this bag there are so many different colors and variations I personally have the wallet on chain and as you can see here this emblem right here is where you can tell that it is a Dionysus bag and because there are so many different variations the retail price just is all over the map but because this bag does mix the old Gucci with the new Gucci that is why I do think it will withstand the test of time and be a wonderful investment number 12 is st. Laurence sack du jour this classic and modern handbag was released in 2013 but honestly it quickly become a very iconic handbag sack du jour actually translates to bag of the day and many people compare this bag to the Hermes Birkin I personally think the sack de jour is much easier to get things in and out of not to mention there's about a ten thousand dollar price prints a brand-new sack de jour is about two grand making it a more affordable affordable should not be in this video at all but regardless it's beautiful it's practical and it's usable number 13 is the Chloe drew now for this particular bag I seriously went back and forth between three different bags because I do think a Chloe bag deserves to be on this list so there's the Chloe drew the Chloe Nile and the Chloe fame and I decided to go with the Chloe drew because I feel like this bag is just copied over and over and over again so many people love it Chloe actually just recently released a newer and updated version of the bag so they kind of copied themselves a style is so loved it's so sought-after and because of that I think it's a great investment if you love it number 14 is the saline box bag when people think of saline they often think of the Saline luggage tote but that's not what I would be talking about today that one is very popular but I personally think the best investment would be the saline box bag every single day the value of this bag is on the rise it continually increases this is such a clean it's a classic it's a very minimalist bag actually there's no frills there's no logos it's just very simple the one on the market today is actually an updated version of the original box bag that was available in the 1970s the bag today is very pricey it's over $4,000 but the reason I do think it's a decent investment is because people are continually willing to pay for this bag and to further prove my point if you were to try to buy this bag pre-loved the price is almost just as much which again if you do love this bag it might be worth your investment finally we are on to number 15 which is the Fendi peekaboo many many people would really argue with me that this is not a good investment and actually I might agree with them if you're gonna buy this brand new I'm not sure it is the best investment I should have taken my own advice because I did buy this bag brand new and I kind of regret it even though I love this bag it is called a Fendi peekaboo because the inside kind of peeks open through time and the beautiful inside color sometimes there are very very crazy colors I went a little more classic with the the black pebbled leather with a beautiful camel color Brown this bag retails for over five thousand dollars I did not pay that much because I did get it before the insane price increase regardless though it is definitely a classic bag it was released in 2009 and I would say it kind of peaked in popularity in 2014 and ever since then it has just been off the charts in popularity but the reason I don't think it's trendy is because it is so practical it's so chic it's so functional and because of that it's not going out of style and that is why they are continually able to raise the prices and their big price increases and people are still buying them so for this particular bag I do think it is worth your investment but I strongly suggest you try to find it on the pre loved market I love fashion file I'm going to link a lot of bags from fashion file down below they have amazing prices on there so as the price tag continually rises your investment and your enjoyment in the bag will be worth it so that does it for this video I really really hope you enjoyed the top 15 best designer handbags that are worth the investment please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and be sure to include down below what bag you think would be worth your investment because there are so many others I really wanted to do kind of like a top 10 I couldn't narrow it down to top 10 so I decided to go with 15 but honestly there's probably like 1520 other bags that I wanted to talk about for this video so I'm curious what you guys think would also be a great option so thank you guys so much for watching be sure to subscribe if you haven't already but otherwise I will see you very soon in my next video bye your eyes alone our bride is the


  1. I love the Bottega messenger, I love all my Bottega bags I’d say I’ve got a dozen from many years some 40 yrs. for some crazy reason I decided I wasn’t going to advertise for anyone else, let Vitton wear your name on their clothing as well as their fine leather etc, for goodness sakes I’ve seen a couple of SUVs with Gucci interior??

  2. A bag is just that a bag , investment? well just go with their stock , that's an investment, they all look the same , the Hermes Birkin to psychologist is a sure sign of very little self love.

  3. This girl does have good advice on investment regarding some Mainstream Bags.. Many Brands were Skipped that could be potentially convenient for Simplicity, Luxury, Discrete, and why not, Investment.. She forgot to mention for example: Goyard, Lana Marks, Valentino, Moynat, J.W. Anderson, Cartier, etc. Am not sure if Zilli, Kiton and Brioni have Female Purses. Am convinced they do cause i can somewhat recall seen some purses when i visit their Addresses… Except C.Bonucci, there is all Men Stuff. =) Anyways.. Greetings from PACA n_<

  4. im a female n i dnt spend my savings on bags,, i want to buy my household things appliances electronics n furniture n bone china n other things,,, can any1 tel y im nt like other gals,,, i wana spend on my self for my bags n gold n personal things bt i spend on my home nt on me… yyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????????🤪😞😞😞

  5. Hello Shea Whitney, you're very beautiful and smart; however, my little advice about you is your florist outfit is very pretty but already very busy, so the best is just to keep the rest of the accessories very simple, i.e., stud earrings, either diamond or pearl; no necklace or put it inside the cloth because they don't match too perfectly… I thought that simple will make you even more elegant and attractive… sorry to be so straightforward… have a nice day

  6. Sorry but you shouldn’t have put this video up. It’s full of misinformation…. I don’t think you understand what an investment is. You will not make more money on these bags than what you bought them for unless you keep it in the family for like 50+ years and they stop making a certain style. The study you mentioned is also false btw..

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