$100 INSTAGRAM MODEL CHALLENGE!!! *Boujee on a Budget*

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I got this picture in my closet gathering dust right and the edges have been folded once or twice doesn't look the same no more because the sign has made it hey I used to have it hanging on my wall sometime picture what's up in your face so today we are super excited for today's video because we are doing the 100 dollar Instagram model challenge now if you've never heard of this challenge that is because well I made it up so some of you guys know that my sister Abby is Ava and Stella's nanny and she usually comes in the mornings for a few hours a day just to help out while we work so because of that I've been able to get ready I've actually had time to put myself together and I've been very inspired to post more on Instagram and just do like more makeup and fashion type things this morning I was like babe what the heck are we gonna film today and then I thought of this idea which is basically going to draw I asked you guys on this room if I should do like a bougie on a budget type video because I love finding the deals baby I'm gonna eat I love the deals basically I will go anywhere and I will find the deals and it just excites me and makes me so freakin happy and that Chris loves it too right whose act like you like everything even if you don't like it I've never cut my own account oh really you look you actually like it with it babe so you guys say that yeah that you wanted to see a video like that so we are literally parked out Ross right now well technically we're at fashion to Brussels over there but and don't judge me let's just get this out of the way right now because yes it's 98 degrees outside yes I live in sunny California and yes I'm wearing sweats yeah you're so don't judge by the way I tagged all of you guys to do this video so the rules are you have to do it at one store so you only have one store and you only have 100 dollars to buy your entire outfit from head to toe head to toe that includes shirt bottoms shoes shoes accessories everything $100 Chris and I are gonna do $100 apiece obviously because even though we won we gonna be one splitting the money and you have to make yourself basically it look like a quote unquote Instagram model I just thought this would be a super fun video not only to do but for you guys to watch I'm honestly not excited about this because for one I never picked the clothes that I wear most of the time believe it or not she picks my outfit but I'm the fashion icon around here okay and everybody knows by the way you didn't know already we don't have the girls it's just way easier to shop without them okay I love this Ross because nobody's ever here so that is a plus where are we gonna go first I think we should start with you Christopher Stephen Pena and do like top to bottom like you said so let's go to the shirts the reason I chose Ross and not Walmart is because Ross has a name brand stuff so you could actually get a really nice bit over here I mean you can at Walmart too but honestly it's just gonna be easier at Ross so yeah that's why we're here okay so here is the men's section we're gonna start for the shirt no definitely not bad you know what sure that you that you're wearing the other day the one that the dad-e that I picked up I actually got it at Ross so these are colors so Chris is a size large and we're actually in the active section because I feel like they're gonna have a lot of good name brand stuff here this is cool no I know but I know you're right oh you lad what about this no oh my gosh this is nice this is nice and it's $8.99 are you kidding me $9.99 lips look let's just get at it is $11.99 girl that is so good okay my friend Patricia works here and she said that there's a whole section of clearance markdowns right now well like there's so many people in the men's section right now they're with you okay first of all this is so cute it's kind of cheap looking but you would never know in a picture if you're like the Instagram model so I'm thinking this with like red what are you looking at okay that is yeah okay these are interesting okay come on tropical vacation dude that would be cute I could totally see this with a white shirt what you like and then what Aven one arms still in one arm mumbles these are all Queens – those are cute keep it basic but I am they have children oh those are cute yes the price gets the program I'm gonna guess $8.99 are you sitting in this and bougie chair like you know what you're doing here okay that's real I got a vasectomy last week I know you're right I'm forcing you to do this video huh tell them something truth yeah to be honest I was like really chillin in my air-conditioned home we just got a brand-new TV 75-inch I was chilling she was like get up we gotta go do it baby you know I'll say brah I'm just kidding okay no I see something cute in me Ani let me see can you hold this up oh and it's Selena okay that is a vibe neon it's Selena yes come on stylist did you find something I'm really hating on Russ right now why it's good you're picking out weird things the line commentary and he's not hating on secretaries because I literally was a receptionist before YouTube so you could totally wear this as a t-shirt dress I love the colors in this and you guys 4:49 are you kidding me yeah imagine this would like some some nice cowgirl boots no no okay I know this might be kind of cheating but if I use this as a t-shirt dress that's top and bottom worth so I could use that money that I save and buy some nice shoes and accessories and just you have to get undies to I have to what get undies that's got awful high today is coming back I'm not I'm saying it right now mark my word look at these balloons okay the ones that look like socks those are not even close look at these bad boys so Gucci that's gas Gucci oh that's nuts guest oh these are fire those are kind of cool Oh Steve men okay wanna see wait hold on please babies are Jordans music legit Jordans no wonder they're 50 bucks I was gonna say these are so ugly that they're cute but 50 bucks are they worth this outfit cuz I'm gonna say any boots these are kinda 90s kind of cute kind of might work okay glasses because the shoes here not giving me any hope so Oh first look at me yeah yes ooh little backpack okay hold up hold up home us to love these cream white colors oh my gosh Steve Madden bags I know Ross is the place to go I'm telling you oh that's really cute King bucks ten dollars oh that is cute so this is originally $30 and guess the price $10.99 okay guys I don't want to go with black shoes because the bag is white so these match the shirt I think I'm gonna have to go with these 22 dollars and they're cool-looking so these are gonna do this is what we have so far and now I need to find jewelry so far I see a gold watch to match the gold bag or the gold accents in the bag they have a small section of earrings so I think I'm gonna have to go with those hoops those are really cute ooh or those ones right there mm these are more out there okay watch hoops now you need a necklace okay I found a gold cross that might work or there's these Saints one of these okay let's ask somebody okay I think I got everything from my look Chris left me to go get water from Starbucks so I am gonna get started on his outfit guys are usually all about the shoe game so I think that's where I'm gonna start he is size 10 and a half or 11 and so far I found these champion shoes which is really good because they're black and they're good brand I'm gonna put these in the cart and see if I find anything else you have to try this oh that's good what is that move surprise here's your water Thanks stay hydrated would I buy them to wear every day no probably not no but for Instagram it's gonna be Instagram model and a budget for these I like these but these are too big for you because they're size 13 well 13 that's the one that I've just had in my hand you like that one this is $7.99 it's a boys in the hood shirt they would for sure match Oh criticism and an iconic and $6.99 you eyes okay wait Chris you said we have to get different shoes because you found an even better shirt look how freakin expensive this looks you guys the original price is $14 which is good but it's marked down to $8.99 Ross price we could find some white shoes or some like beige shoes let's do it these these are Calvin Klein's $42 Oh what do you think of these babies you like them and the Calvin Klein all right she's over here trying to find me pants what are you doing go home just get and we are done it's like 150 it's 150 we got 10 min to go home and really sappy from her duties okay I think if that was harder than I thought it was me just because we're on the time crunch but we did it now we're gonna go home check on the girls and we will put together these outfits and hopefully take a fire in what would that look by yeah piece they do this have us going home come here say hi to the penny oh I miss you so much me so much what were you doing when mommy and daddy went bye-bye what were you doing ow ow should we show the Pena Ham our new TV well the camera does not do it justice why is it doing this oh it looks so weird on the camera it's literally bigger than you I just want to sit on the couch and watch it all day yeah too bad we can't do that hi oh that's yours be careful with their moat oh you love your sister hi the succeed right yeah that's how tall you are huh just to show you guys that is crazy we're so frickin excited to upgrade because we have not well we haven't bought a TV in years actually since the studio since we lived in the studio so I think we it was well deserved and the girls are being crazy as always hi hi look how big Mia's getting she's still little but she's getting bigger really just a little tank ready if you love your puppy I don't know about you but I'm ready to try on these outfits I'm ready for a man if I stop fighting your father I need okay tits in 3 2 1 okay guys that wraps up today's video we are exhausted and we're just ready to play with our babies I love you I love you I love you baby we're gonna link our instagrams right here so that you guys can check out the final product of the 100 dollar Instagram model challenge and if you don't have an Instagram we will pop the photos are right here so you guys can see them but overall this experience was fun it was pretty exhausting especially since it's a hundred and something degrees outside but it was worth it for you guys this just goes to show that you can be bougie on a budget and you don't need to spend a lot of money on dressing well you can still be q on a budget so I tag all of you guys out there to do this video with that being said we can not in today's video without giving the shoutout for today situation it goes to a dream McGee shout out to you thank you so much for showing us a bunch of on our instagrams we love you so much so like I was if you guys enjoyed today's video make sure to give it up big thumbs up and if you're new to the channel aren't subscribe ready make sure to click that subscribe button because we do blog every other bit but we love you guys and we'll see you

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