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he's be online and wants to come quickly ah I'd see well we got few okay that's going uh civil Mayfield oh you play hooky civil or is this what you really do place for some crackpot to go alive yeah I feel like a crackpot most at times it but it's fine that's I think the key to everything and I mean you're having fun you already win yeah there's so many people like like want to do this because I'm gonna be a gazillionaire in five years or I'm gonna make so much money you're at the end of this thing that Wow I'll be able to sit the beach for the rest of my life and then usually doesn't happen yeah I mean just like a venture capitalist you know people invest in venture capitalists and money yeah I mean these are supposedly the smartest people in the world on if some idea is gonna you know be fruitful or not and they're wrong like 85 percent of the time so that's why I think man don't work for something tomorrow work or something that you're having fun right now no matter if you're a millionaire in five years or not now then you're winning today you know the wait win you're winning now and so whatever happens que sera sera right so if you're having fun now in your life what you're doing so that's what I try to do with my work is show people alternative sources of money to do things now and not wait oh I can't do that because I I have a lot of money there you didn't look at the right places so that's what I what I going to do today is show you ten things that Donald Trump forgot to cut everybody sing oh boy these conservatives are going to get the White House and they're running the country and everything they're gonna cut everything worse better than the budget just passed you know last week there's better more money than ever before you know so actually you know the title is this that it is ten grants that Trump forgot to cut he doesn't even know they're there no one does people that government don't know where they're there yeah that's the problem so that's what I do it to show you these and all week long what I do is research I do custom research so if you're looking to buy a house or be a real estate investor something what I do is is think of all the programs locally where you live that help you do that money programs grants direct payments loans you not to pay back free services all this cuts up so I don't really do three areas a real estate you know the housing and things like that and then also entrepreneur extorting businesses growing businesses stuff like that because there are over 200 programs in every community in this country you know money to help you do that the third place I do it is just living expenses man you realize like 63% of the people in this country don't have an extra five hundred dollars to pay an emergency bill so what I do is I put to get about 300 programs that give you extra money pay bills and things like that to free up money and things like just for where you live so now what I want to go over is about 10 items you know that I found I think everybody could really use these things or if not you know somebody who can you know so that's how you share this that's what this is all about sharing make sure other people don't do I mean all these websites are going to give you they're like oil under the ground maybe they're not good for you but they're good for somebody can help their lives by knowing this stuff yeah and taking advantage of it and letting other people know about it that's what it is we all have the power this hippie superheroes that's right by just giving somebody a website or a phone number or whatever to help improve their life and do what they really want to do it like yeah and that's the power of information and knowing where all this stuff is yeah so that's a I hope that yeah you share all this stuff now after this you know usually within the next hour or so I'm gonna do a put all these links on another thing you know another thing what do you call it thing I'm Facebook on my board or whatever they call it you know my newsfeed I guess that's it and then on YouTube I do the same thing in the notes section of the video I'll have all the links there so you don't have to worry it take all these notes from what I say because I garble up so many things my my mind is like a BB in a boxcar traveling all over fast I can't keep up with it and so that we all there for you to do and pass it on to your friends or whatever so they have this up see everybody I'm not gonna tell you about they don't have money to advertise see what you find out about what's out there to help you do your life you find out about them cuz people making money from it they're getting money from you because you don't know the options you don't know where the free stuff is so they figure out Google they spent all this time and hire people and you know it so called marketing experts and everything to make sure you find out about their little deal that's gonna make them a lot of money whether it makes you money or not they don't get to the sale right but so that's right the good stuff you don't know about it's hiding in nonprofit organizations you know government offices that don't have money and actually many of these government programs are not allowed to advertise don't you ever find anything on oun you'll be violating a lot so you have to do is do the work yourself they're not going to do the work to find you because they're giving away money so you got to do the work to find them so you could get them and that's what it is Sarek make a game out of it what the hell yeah see how much money you can get by the end of the week okay and also I have another services they have speaking of money hey I got a self-support myself doing this stuff so I keep helping folks it is less cocom slash talk where I mean this has been delightful because people call me up and off the top my head and 15 minutes man I could show you 10 places yeah to get money and help to solve a problem start a project do whatever it is so that's let's go calm slash talk on the other one the custom reports that I'm doing a lot of is a let's go tutor.com so you don't give it to you don't give a hoot give it to poor let's go tutor.com okay let's go the first one okay how would you like haha unpaid intern yeah that's right so you have a little business or something you're working on you're working with a non-profit wouldn't be great to have it in turn to do all the heavy lifting for you yeah well actually what happens I would say use a small business or whatever it's hard to advertise you know Joe you know he's working for you know whatever your business is called it's hard to track people like that but now I see I was doing a report for a client starting a business in Minnesota Minnesota at the Department of Commerce Department of Commerce in Minnesota I'm sorry this is New Mexico that was another report get these run in New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions it's called they help businesses get employees pay for employees pay the trained employees this is and there's not only Mexico is all over you know every state has something similar but me New Mexico has unpaid interns so into people looking to be an intern to learn something you want to teach somebody about marketing or or your nonprofit or whatever yeah and you could look on their database they have of young people old people because they have you know people looking for other careers I want to get knowledgeable about something there's a database of what you could do is find these people you know to work for you farfrae's you could pay him to I'm sure you could talk them into it I'll show you you know their business plan is a neat thing I found to a business plan sir so I think business plans are stupid yeah I don't know what I'm gonna do next Thursday sure you want to think through but our life is changing our universe is changing so quickly man yeah if you were planning what this world would look like three months ago that didn't include trunk dude yeah there he is and this is why people like Trump and the guy in France we're just becoming a head of France never had any of this kind of work before oh it comes out of nowhere he's running France yeah so nobody can count so what you're going to do next week nobody knows and also what we don't know too about any plan we have is what the world really is and what that world will react so that's why I believe yeah you can't do Bispo you just kind of do and do it without spending money but if somebody says hey I'll give you a lot of money to do that but do you have a business plan okay go to this SBA has build your own business plan okay and it's just to fill in the blanks it's sort of like doing a what do you call turbo tax for a business plan it's all free see everything I'm talking tell me if I was free so that's a place you get it and I'll have the link for you there – anyway now here's a interesting thing I found two women who are recovering from cancer could get free maid service now how do you like that there's a great idea you get free maid services for women and breast cancer yeah things like that so if you're recovering you know a friend or whatever like that this is a what's called clearing for a reason org clearing for a reason that or hey and they provide like once a week I think it is or once every two weeks is only they kind of clean house for free man but yeah as a business idea this is wonderful because you look at this and when I give you you know you go look at the website you see how clever they are so this is a home cleaning service that gives free cleaning but what they do they have a non-profit arm they decided there you know this is going to be we're going to get donations to pay for us to come and clean people with people who are recovering from cancer to give them a clean home for free but they're actually getting paid from the donation so now now listen to this too because this is a wonderful marketing thing you're trying to say maybe of a cleaning business right you're trying to get donations for your mean business for your clean it so you're gonna go watch em knock on the door and say hey we're a wonderful cleaning business and we want you to use us so you pay us to look clean your home or whatever no they're clever yeah or do they pay for advertising to go in the local newspaper and pay for advertising for their cleaning business no they're more clever than that what they do they say well I said let's clean houses for free but we'll get donations to pay for cleaning houses for free so now what they have is a cute little story that goes to the local media we have this nonprofit organization that cleans houses for three and we're looking for donations to clean houses for free and then really the cleaning company but isn't it great I mean everybody feels good they're donating to this you know and your you know your business is taking care of that problem or whatever by people in the community that way you have a good advertising story that you're telling people that you're doing this for free and now you're you're a pillar of the community because you're a clever advertiser but it's really a win-win all over and I just think that's the what you have to do today everybody thinks well I can't get a lot of business because I can't yeah I can't afford you know to pay for advertising no you don't have to you do stuff like this you know that's a better than advertising you just have to be smart about or fail at about it come back try stuff it gots nothing to try this you do a press release oh that's it okay and here oh here what happened is around the country of a new note reported in st. Louis and and one of the neat things that we have all over the country now is what's called incubators and accelerators that help people start businesses and what the way they help it too is that you have a business idea you go to them and if they like your idea they give you money for your idea they give you a place to work they give you experts to help you figure out marketing consulting everything you need to run a business but what's internet mean there's lots of these all over the country but here's one unfashionable Avery yes yeah you can see what it appeal to me I was sucker for that stuff yep uh as you could tell but I just started you know what I found out about fashion I used to buy expensive clothes you know if you close your funky nobody could tell how cheap it is everybody rich colors oh every charter company over yeah they could tell if it's cheap or not when you have stuff jumped all over your clothes nobody know as I've chief the suitors but it's a fashion expert st. Louis Fashion Incubator so if you want to contact them you're in the fashion business I want to get a kick start on your business idea talk to them maybe it may be worth moving to st. Louis for a couple months or whatever for a fashioning incubator because they want to grow see this is supported by the local Chamber of Commerce the government because this is how we create jobs now in this country so they all want to create jobs free studio spaces they have designer offices yes all that stuff okay here's another thing I really surprised me it a lot of people particularly yo it if you're up in age you may not be friendly with computers yet no a little gun-shy well here the Community Action Agency you know in Michigan they have free computer classes you know all kinds of you want to know how to get anyone a computer basics how to run me spreadsheets how to run Microsoft resume writing or or basic web design all these classes are free at the local Community Action Agency okay these are for people that aren't rich they're trying to help people are struggling and I say you know 63 percent of people in America are struggling because that's how many people as I mentioned early don't have 50 bucks I mean 500 bucks for an emergency then they're majoring 63% okay so that's a way to get some skills knowledge about that because you've got to use the Internet I mean everything is on this thing now yeah you can't buy books I don't want books anymore I made a ton of dough books but it's over where are the bookstores yeah that's over okay okay here's something I found in Florida forty thousand dollars to buy a house pay for closing costs and they give you that much in equity in the house so if you're finding a $300,000 house they say no will put $40,000 in so you only get your mortgage there's only $260,000 ah you got a house worth 300 yeah so who would have known about that program now your bankers not gonna know about that program because me they make money out of it these people are giving away money so that's like my local reports I do for housing are like that you know there's those kind of programs or well here is it that with vouchers remember calling your utility companies what do they have vouchers for because they want you to buy new appliances that are less useless energy that means if you're losing using less energy they don't have to invest in a bigger nucular plant or wind farm or whatever the hell they I to do to make more energy so they can convince you to buy something that uses less energy then they don't have to invest in new equipment so here it is down in Florida their vouchers up top $1,250 for buying certain appliances like air conditioners heating and cooling systems insulate fan or ceiling insulation yep that's free just know that's a bonus for doing that here's another guy's eyesight – I don't know people if I told you about this now is just you j ust ia calm it's a good clearinghouse of how to get free and low-cost legal help these are a lot of government supported offices nonprofit organizations that provide legal help so you could put just in you jus T ia and just put free and pro bono legal huh yeah and find that okay also when I was looking around him in oh where the heck was I in Michigan for the local to one one of hours trying to find okay they're people that will help you pay your mortgage payments they have seven organizations that help pay mortgage payments that's our Buddha five these are nonprofit organizations that help you pay the mortgage then I went in for a red paper can I begin cause people like this I mean obviously get really strapped and this month's rent they can make it well when you do oh here's what you do you go to 200 org and you put in mortgage as a payment assistance rent payment assistance and you see what they have or utility feel assistance yeah and you see what they have or here's what if Michigan I found a $2,000 grant if you're at risk for losing your home that means you rental or whatever this is at the state level they have this kind of money so that's right keep digging you're calling your buddies or your bank or something like that and and you have to dig deeper from that for that we're here Michigan also has five thousand five hundred dollars on home repairs that's right that's a grand for that well how about this this is really surprised right there seven hundred and forty dollars to help your family move moving expenses who would have thought now that's a state government program it's called relocation assistance so you're not going to find it putting moving expenses that's right you have to know the questions to ask the questions to ask the questions to ask you put the wrong one in Google and the wrong stuff comes out you put the right stuff in and the right stuff cut up you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself over the grace lawyer somebody feels that's there oh here's how what are they nice I just heard this today too this is amazing okay now I've been doing a lot of housing programs I keep running into if you want to get into the real estate business okay what the government has in every city all over the country every county they want they're looking for people to make and build housing for low to moderate income families okay they want you to build this okay now here's one of the programs that I've always been writing about it and I really ever understood it until this story came out today if you go in Google right now affordable housing program costs more than shelters the government is losing their tushie I'm creating this housing and it all going to developers young I think there's developers in the white house now if I'm correct I'm not sure but there's it it's it's you go to that website that stories and that lays it out yeah how this stuff works it's called a low-income housing tax credit okay now here's how this explain and I write this up in every report I do for housing telling about where to you contact this office you want to build low-income housing in your area you know whatever and and get government help to do it they list the programs I finally figure out what else means good low income housing tax credit what it does is they give okay you want to build the apartment complex and ten houses or three three units and that house or something like that and say you're going to use like one of those or three of them for people with low income all you're going to do that okay we're going to give you a tax credit that will pay for 70% of your cost now so that means the government is giving you money to 70% of the cost of building that building they're giving you seventy percent of the money but they're doing it in a tax credit okay here's what the developers do they say okay sounds great yes I know do nothing now they take that you know seventy percent of their thing as a tax credit see they can't buy bricks and mortars with them now there's banks investors and a lot of middlemen who love those tax credits they buy them right away we'll take that here's the money so now you have money from investors in banks because they they get a particularly banks they have to put so much of their money into low-income areas or to help low-income people because of a law 20 years ago so buying this tax credit solves that legal problem for them so the developers that gets the money builds a thing and they're off to the races yeah oh because of Uncle Sam paying for 70% of it Wow where are you gonna get a deal like that that's right that's why these feet these fat cats come to Washington to figure out the system right they put a live like that man they're building for the rest of their life on our nickel all right so it bees and I don't know will ever change that so that's why I'm trying to teach people more about using and you change the system or usually or you do nothing and just bitch about it right so all the links I'll put up here I in the next hour to come back and check it out and let's see okay new you want me do a custom report on starting a business all the programs or paying for your bills that's the 299 keep the cash coming in report and the one on housing buying a house fixing up a house or being a real estate investor okay I show you all the programs for where you are cuz this is that the way I used to big reference books yeah when they cover the whole US but the money doesn't work like that now and it's all really local all this stuff is local that's what it takes it takes me a long time do this research so there you don't get it instantly I gotta dig those ditches and put together this stuff for but I feel I must be the best person in the world to do this stuff I've been studying these programs for thirty forty years now and know about these bodies and sure you could find it but it's probably held a lot easier for me so there's that and also talk talk about something where do I go to saw some kind of financial problem with alternative sources of money then I'm talking about grants and all this other stuff what's on the internet and whatever and that's at less co.com slash talk and the other one is let's go to Turin comm bees thanks for putting up with me they curse too much today I don't

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  1. Yes, venture capitalists are wrong 85% of the time but the difference is that they VOLUNTARILY invested their money.
    The government steals money from "taxpayers" by force (or threat of force) and then gives it to people that are basically parasites on the hard-working productive people who have had their money extorted from them.
    You are encouraging parasitism by writing your books. The USA is morally bankrupt. Lazy, parasites scrambling for stolen loot! Pathetic! BTW…have you ever really worked a day in your life?

  2. I love your YouTube videos. I am here in Newport News Virginia.
    I was hoping for some of your assistance.
    I am trying to put together a nonprofit website where I can prevent terrorist attacks school shootings and accidents. Please let me know how I can get a hold of you thanks Tim

  3. This is all fantastic leads on great money saving programs. I wished I lived in Florida or Michigan to take advantage of them. … how about Pennsylvania.

  4. You are a mess!!! lol. They use these tax credit programs to give money to non profit and for profit developers to create affordable housing and they waste the money. Most of the housing doesnt even meet the needs of the people or they kick them out every chance they get….that's if the building projects even finish.. Good people want to build holistic sustainable affordable housing and cant get access to the money. You have to have a long history of participating in the system to be able to have access to use the system. They keep it in the hands of the good old boys.

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