10 Back To School Essentials | MEN'S/TEEN'S FASHION ADVICE

School time is just around the corner guys and I want to make sure that you are the most stylish guy there and make an awesome first impression to your classmates, teachers, and the girl of your dreams. Hope you guys have a great start to your school year.


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alright guys I know I know you've probably seen the signs already you've already had appointments with your future counselors advisers and teachers and you've seen the commercials all over the television is time to get back to school and honestly I used to love this time of the year because I will go out with my mom and she would you know help me pick out some nice-looking threads for myself so I'm looking my very best for the school year and I'll say I want to do the same thing for you not necessarily take you out to shopping but give you some essentials that I know every single guy can use during the school year so that he himself is looking his very best all in today's video coming up welcome back to HP fashion if you're new my name is Zack spas and today we're going over ten back-to-school essentials that every single guy needs for 2019 starting with number one and has a good quality backpack when I think back in high school in college I think it was more of the messenger bag and computer bag sort of guy and there's no need for that because that's more of a professional sort of vibe but we're in school so we don't need to really try that hard so if that fact would be the perfect way to go my number one recommendation to you is to go for something that's very simple and not something that's you know too big you know not something that you're gonna be looking like you're gonna go fight in the army but I would recommend that you do choose between two styles of backpacks either a canvas one or all leather one canvas form or the street wear sort of vibe if you're that type of person who wears his clothing more casually or if you want to go with leather you're gonna be more of that professional sort of person you like to take a extra step in your style so that you're looking your very best number two hoodies I know right you hoodies are a first for this channel but I think it's just because I've been walking a little too much Alex Costa and I have been really illicit let's just say my eye has been really turned towards the street where a sort of vibe so yes hoodies are an important incidental pour going back to school and I remember rocking a hoodie a lot during our early high school years because honestly is one of the best things you can wear when you're in class because teachers that for some reason they like to keep their classes cold and is very uncomfortable when you're trying to focus on work so a hoodie is gonna be your best friend you just want to make sure you're not that type of guy who's just wearing a hoodie 24/7 and make sure that you are nailing the fit because if you're wearing a hoodie this to bag on you you're gonna be looking like you're stuck in the 90s you know trying to come up be a rapper from Detroit and one last thing about the hoodie before we move on if you have a girlfriend make sure that you hide this from her or put your foot down and tell her that she can not have it or just by – cuz I guarantee you she will try to steal it that's an that's absolutely bag like how the sky is blue girlfriends likes to steal their boyfriends hoodie I have no idea why that is number three some sort of school spirit it's higher I know for me I bought a couple of school spirit shirts because I thought it was nothing wrong with you know showing the love a little schools pride and the little school spirit you know with along with your friends because there's nothing wrong with you know taking pride in about what school you're going to if is your if is your school is where all your friends are is where you're most comfortable why not show that off and show that you're proud to be in the place that you're in and also is one of the most fun things you can do for yourselves especially if you're going to like a football game or like a pep rally and you and your friends you know you're you're dressed up and your school attire and you're looking like your repens in your school is you're gonna have the best time of your life I guarantee you my number one recommendation to you though don't go crazy with it you know you we all know those people who are just all about that school spirit and don't be one of those guys you know just maybe by one or two t-shirts maybe a baseball cap or just leave it at number four a Henley Henley's are definitely in guys a lot of guys are starting to buy them and is this perfect for the school season because you can go which is about a wide variety with Hayley's you can go short sleeve or a long sleeve and all say they're more built for the people who pay attention to themselves physically so you've been hitting the gym these shirts are perfect for you you're gonna be showing off your gaze nice and well because they're more structured at the top and slimming at the sides so it's gonna show off that nice physique that you have been working on all summer long number five an oxford button-down shirt now I know a lot of you guys are gonna be rolling your eyes kind of throwing your heads back at this dive but you never ever know when you might need to dress it up whether it's for a really important dance like homecoming or you might have really really important presentation that you might need to present to your class you might need to dress it up just a little bit of oxford shirt it's the perfect way to go because you know you can always unbutton maybe one or two buttons right here on the sides and still look very professional and you know you don't always have to wear it with the sleeves all the way down you can always roll it up to have a nice business casual sort of vibe but just make sure that you are always prepared to look your berry best when the time calls for it now with all these great options I'm a giving you all throughout the video what's gonna help you stand out and have a step above your friends enemies in the rest of your classmates at school that's going to be a watch a watch view as you guys know is my favorite accessory for men it helps you look a little bit more of a classic guy and helps you look a little more responsible reliable and honestly puts a good first impression with the rest of your teachers and the people that you need to have a good first impression on and I know what a lot of you guys gonna be saying you know why do you need a watch when you have a cell phone your cell phone tells the time trust me you're gonna be looking a lot more classier when you have a watch if it's arrow as you guys know isn't my number one brand I will recommend to you guys especially if you're on a budget but you want a good looking watch they have partnered up with us for today's video to give you guys some great options as you guys know I love this arrow you see me talk about them a lot on this channel they can provide some great quality watches at an amazing price this right here is my latest one that I have actually my favorite one it's from their little marble collection that they have going on as a brown strap and all matte black casing and at the center it has like a black and white marble Center base on it it looks very very nice one of my favorite ones and I have tons of other options that I have them are arsenal and I plan on buying many many more in the near future to show off for you guys here on the channel if you guys want to go check them out a happy website linked in description below also what the discount code Zach 20 to get you 20% off your purchase and get you a great and amazing deal on an amazing watch maybe it's something that you convinced your mom and dad to probably get you especially in that clearance section so they're well underneath a hundred dollars if you don't just stop it watches they make some amazing sunglasses and they just dropped a new line of wallets which look amazing I plan on getting mine very very soon guys go check out this arrow you have nothing to lose I guarantee you you'll love the watches that they provide and don't forget to use that discount code to get you 20% off your purchase so you can having a great amazing watch at such an affordable price but let's move on number 7 dark wash jeans now while the rest of your school is wearing you know distress light washed denim you know just looking at they have like a bunch of holes in them or there are rain black jeans they you know it looks like they're very you know worn out towards the legs and everything you don't want to do that you don't want like everyone else so you want to have a little more classy a little more professional buy to yourself and honestly dark washings are the best way to go especially their non distress and have a perfect dark wash to them because they go with just about any outfit that you have the number one thing you need to pay attention to though is make sure you're nailing the fit and if you don't necessarily have the best look when it comes to buy off the rack you can always spend an extra ten fifteen dollars to go get them tailor ask your dad where you go get to this clothes tailored and go take them there and get them tailored towards you and you specifically I guarantee you a nice perfectly fitting dark wash jeans you're gonna be looking your very best and a step above everyone else just like the oxford shirt I mentioned early in the video you might want to step it up from time to time and invest in number eight and that's going to be some she knows she knows are the perfect step above jeans just because they're not so formal like how you will find some trousers with a suit but at the same time they're that perfect step above jeans in terms of formality and you can always dress them down in case you need to you don't want to be all super stuffy and professional all day long but if you need to you know have something perfectly paired with that oxford shirt you don't want to wear your jeans chinos are the perfect way to go you can always cut them up or dress them down too so just so do you have that versatility there number nine classic sneakers now I know a lot of guys gonna be wearing a lot of hyped up shoes at school gonna be wearing some crazy-looking Jordans Nikes Balenciaga is Gucci or Easy's and I want you to step away from that crowd go for something that's a little bit more classic timeless and we'll be breaking a bag especially for your parents but instead go over something like these these are some all-stars that I have been having for a while now coppers are the part one of the perfect ways to go they go with just about any outfit especially a casual outfit that you have in your wardrobe and they will not look bad and honestly they're one of those shoes that where if you wear them you know wear them out they look a little bit worn they almost look a little bit better than when you buy them brand-new I had no idea why did this do or if you don't want to go to Congress there's always a lot of classic ideas to go for my second recommendation is go for something this all-white because again it's very clean looking great classic timeless and again you don't have to break the bank walk around the subject of Footwear and standing out from the crowd I want you to invest in number 10 and that's going to be some boots now I know a lot of you guys are scared to wear boots you know you're not very much of a boot guy I wasn't either by guarantee you once you try it you're not gonna be wanting to go back it's gonna be hard going back to your other shoes trust me but just pick up some boots and just try them out at least you know try out some nice-looking chelsea boots some chukka boots and I guarantee you you're gonna be looking your very best boots are that perfect combination of being professional and that's the same time looking like a complete badass and you're gonna course skinned out above the rest you're gonna be you know looking very different from your friends because while they're rocking you know they're Jordans or even goal with my professional opinion with them converse you're gonna be looking very dapper at the same time very like I'm much like a bad boy and that girl is definitely gonna notice and she's going to be more attracted towards you if you guy made this part say in the video first of all thank you so much and as a thank you I'm gonna give you a bonus tip make sure you have an emergency grooming kit this is something that you can keep either in your car or in your locker but just make sure you really all know what we deal with as far as grooming goes you know whether you sweat a lot you know you might you know develop some b.o all throughout the day or you might you know run into that girl you might need to fix up yourself just real quick make sure you have an emergency grooming kit somewhere accessible at hand so that you're always looking your best all throughout the day you don't have to keep you know your entire bathroom in it but just make sure you have some things in there like some you know nail clippers you know a comb hairbrush some mints you know some lip balm something to help you look your very best make sure you're staying on top of your game all throughout the day trust me if I had something like this during high school and college I would have avoided a lot of embarrassing moments you know during that time and probably have some more successes with girls but I'm not really worried about that now but I want to make sure that you're looking your very and that's all I got for you today guys hopefully you enjoyed this video if you did give it a big thumbs up also don't forget to check out this arrow I have their website linked in description below if you guys go checked out pick out an amazing watch so that you're looking your very best for this school year also don't forget to follow me on Instagram I post a lot of fashion and grooming inspiration on there I hope you guys will really enjoy it so follow me at mr. HD fashion and if you're new here you like this video consider subscribing to the channel and help us build the HP community our next goal is to up to 500 subscribers or I'm trying to hit that as soon as possible so if you hit that subscribe button I'll very much appreciate it but thank you so much for tuning in guys I'll see you next time

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