♦ Christian Dior Haute Couture | Spring/Summer 2007 ♦

Captain Pinkerton’s tragic affair with Cio-Cio San (Madame Butterfly) was the jumping-point for this 2007 Spring/Summer Dior collection – one of the most elaborate & memorable shows ever staged under John Gallaino’s 15-year creative direction at the House of Dior. Kimonos, obis, and geisha make-up & hair-styles were all “Dior-ified” and given a certain veneer of 1950s glamour – the epoch of Christian Dior’s zenith and the ‘Golden Age’ of couture. The Japanese art of paper-folding, Origami, was also employed in suits and ball-gowns, often taking flight in impossible Origami planes of flowers & other fanciful shapes; even Japan’s famed Samurai were evidenced in (“armoured”) suits.

The sets for the venue where the show was staged were also Japanese-inspired dreamscapes: giant grey ‘House of Dior’ chairs on a series of podiums, along with other elaborate settings, including what appeared to be recreated aspects of the Dior salons (and white branches of cherry tree blossoms), created the perfect “vignettes” and backdrops against which the models posed and panned for both the cameras and the audience. A sublime collection and one of Galliano’s most memorable for the House of Dior.

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  1. Why does John Galliano don't do these kind of shows now that he is at margiela . I love his creations there but he just doesn't put on shows like these anymore . They are good shows but models are stiff creations are shown in a plain easy way and there is no set design or model's walking with these elaborate looks ! God I miss these shows !

  2. I remember my mother attended this show. She was a recent Dior HC client. She was sitting on 2nd row in front of the big chair podium. She said half audience was on tears. Must say she did not order any gown, "It was too much opulence and expensive" She said.

  3. back when social media didn't rule the world and houses have different visions and identities. I now think the galliano move to MM is a good move. He still has a creative freedom being in a house where the mainstream ethos is non existent. Should he have stayed, he will be in the shackles of this era's LVMH (I mean, Virgil x LV? No.) Galliano cannot be doing streetwear like the rest of the world, not in this lifetime.

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